Releases:Release Post Mortem:2014-09-30

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Meeting Details

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Release Duty

  • last week: hwine
  • this week: rail

Firefox/Fennec 32.0.3

  • linux repack 2/10 failed - rescued a slave by freeing space and re-enabled in slavealloc, there was a gap between slavealloc change and rebooting into prod, which slaverebooter took as it's chance to decide to reboot it just as soon as it started a job
  • uploaded to apple, see

Firefox 31.1.1 esr

Firefox 24.8.1 esr

  • win32 repack 2/10 - bash crashed in making partial update for bs, running standalone_repack. Will need to force the repack_complete builder afterwards
  • uploaded to apple, see

Firefox 33.0b7

Thunderbird 31.1.2

Thunderbird 24.8.1

Firefox/Fennec 33.0b8 (rail)

  • Fennec required build2 due to a broken locale (pl). Fixed.
  • Desktop L10N repacks failed due to bug 1072434. Fixed.
  • bug 1074928 - Update verify fails on mac trying to use aliased platform. Fixed.

Thunderbird 33.0b1

Action items

Most Wanted bugs

  • Blocker for next beta cycle? bug 1062880 - Nightly Aurora Fennec l10n repacks not available