Releases:Release Post Mortem:2014-11-25

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Meeting Details

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Release Duty

  • nthomas & mgerva

Firefox 34.0b10


Firefox & Fennec 34.0b11


Firefox & Fennec 34.0


Firefox 31.3.0esr


Action items

Most Wanted bugs


  • CDN's and final verify (hwine) -- for the "we had to purge" case, it might make sense to have final verify check content on all known CDNs. It looks like that's possible doing byte range downloads, and would only extend time by about 6-9 minutes. So, "do always" or just have a builder/flag for the purge case?
  • Rare procedure documentation (hwine) -- fortunately, Nick was around on his Saturday to help Liz & I with 34.0b9 fun. If what we did was "right", we should record it for posterity (especially given the new release duty rotations - some folks will get stale). Where? How?
    • My first cut would be a new page with "recipes" for each situation, pointers to the existing detailed docs for specifics.