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build 1


had wrong partials, 31.2.0esr build2 instead of 31.2.0esr build 3, updated partials and started build2

build 2


  • appeared to be win32_build failure, but that was from build1 that still running when we started build2

Modify whatsnew pages

whatsnew is globally on for snippets, but we don't want it for 31.x.y builds, bug 1018694. (ie just older esr branches)

# ffxbld@aus3-staging
cd /opt/aus2/snippets

# fix up the test snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox
rsync -a pushed/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2-test/Firefox/31.* staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru pushed/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2-test/ staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew | less

~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew

# fix up the release snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2.bak/Firefox
rsync -a staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2/Firefox/31.* staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2.bak/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2/Firefox/31.* -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2.bak staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2 | less
rm -rf staging/Firefox-31.3.0esr-build2.bak