Releases:Release Post Mortem:2014-12-16

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Meeting Details

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Release Duty

nthomas & mgerva

Firefox & Fennec 35.0 beta 4


Firefox 35.0 beta 3, Fennec 35.0 beta 2


Firefox & Fennec 35 beta 1


Fennec 31.3.0esr


Action items

  • turn down retention for release dirs now we're allowing AWS spot instances

Most Wanted bugs


  • (nthomas) anything of note in 34.0 post-mortem ?
  • (catlee) plans for releaseduty for Q1
    • We will try a new system for releaseduty. Each gecko version will be assigned to one person, e.g. Firefox/Fennec 36 will be assigned to one person throughout the beta / final release cycle. We will assign default fall-back people in other timezones who are responsible for checking for errors, and being the contact person for relman/QE/etc.
  • (nthomas) new items on checklist