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Fennec 35.0b4 build1


In weeks that have multiple Firefox betas we generally do not build a second Fennec beta alongside it. Pay careful attention to the go to build given to make sure you do the right thing.


  • repacks 1 and 3 failed because hg timeout cloning mozilla-beta; job restarted.

Firefox 35.0b4 build1



1, all repacks, missing buildid (20141216011218), and script_repo_revision (FIREFOX_35_0b4_RELEASE). This is fallout from the tagging changes in bug 607392 which changed the scheduler upstream for the repacks

Wrote this script:

post = {
    'username': 'mgervasini',
    'comments': 'bug 607392',
    'branch': 'mozilla-beta',
    'revision': 'FIREFOX_35_0b4_RELEASE',
    'property1name': 'buildid',
    'property1value': '20141216011218',
    'property2name': 'script_repo_revision',
    'property2value': 'FIREFOX_35_0b4_RELEASE',

url = "" # for testing
url = ""
platforms = ['linux', 'linux64', 'macosx64', 'win32']

base_repacks = []
for platform in platforms:

chunks = 10
actions = []
for repack in base_repacks:
    for i in range(1, chunks + 1):
        action = "{0}_{1}%2F{2}".format(repack, i, chunks)
        action = "/".join([url, action, 'force'])

for key in post:
    post_data.append("{0}={1}".format(key, post[key]))
post_data = "&".join(post_data)

for a in actions:
    print "sleep 5"
    print "curl --data '{0}' {1}".format(post_data, a)

to do a massive job restart (filtered out macosx64 * and linux64 1/10, started manually)

2, updates builder failed to bump the update verify configs:

release.updates.patcher.PatcherConfigError: Found multiple past-updates with duplicate to/from versions: ['35.0b1', '35.0b3', ['betatest', 'releasetest', 'beta']]

This is fallout from odd partials used in 35.0b3, because you get two past-update lines for 35.0b1. Fixed it up with a small bump to the config, prior to build2 getting to updates.

Firefox 35.0b4 build2



  • repack failures for missing properties, same as for build1
    • verified buildid same for all platforms, 20141216120925
    • used mgerva's script (with updated username and buildid) to force builders
  • mac update verify 5/6 - error retrieving complete mar from cache, reran job
Retrieving '' from cache...
cp: /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-osx64_uv_5-00000000/scripts/release/updates/cache/obj_00124.cache: Input/output error
  • check_permissions and push_to_mirrors both failed because firefox/releases/35.0b4/ existed on stage. We didn't get to push to mirrors so the source of this is unknown (we did get an uptake monitoring started log though). Removed the dir and rebuilt both jobs