Releases:Release Post Mortem:2015-01-13

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Meeting Details

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Release Duty

  • last week: nthomas
  • this week: bhearsum

Firefox/Fennec 35.0 (bhearsum)

  • No failures of any type, some manual work though:
    • Accidentally pushed live
    • Created RC update snippets
      • No need to do this anymore once we're on Balrog
    • Adjusted whatsnew page settings
    • Reverted partner update blocks

Firefox 31.4.0esr (bhearsum)

  • Noticed that all versions were getting a whatsnew page bug 1121123
    • Turns out I should've pre-adjusted snippets, but I didn't know that.

Thunderbird 31.4.0 (bhearsum)

  • 100% smooth.

Firefox 36.0b1 (nthomas)

  • source signing failed

Action items

  • (bhearsum) - Write docs on how to do whatsnew page stuff for 36.0 and 34 ESR in balrog
  • (nthomas) - Add docs for any manual steps for RC builds on beta channel

Most Wanted bugs


  • win64 release builds riding the trains ?