Releases:Release Post Mortem:2015-08-18

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Firefox 40.0.1

Firefox 40.0.2

  • desktop balrog rules needed manual love because: failed at release_final_verification
    • further action: nothing. this was due to automation not realizing we adjusted the update rules manually back in 40.0.1 to keep existing 40.0 non-windows users at their current release and to update 40.0 windows users to 40.0.1

Firefox 41.0b1

  • release-runner failed first attempt because nextVersion wasn't in beta configs
  • release-runner failed second attempt because whitelist mozconfig sanity check
  • release-runner also failed second attempt because partial verify caught win64 40 complete mar not existing (ship-it was re-submitted without partials for beta)
    • further action: nothing, fixed
  • win64 xulrunner failed
  • repacks desktop platform wide failed
  • desktop repacks are still failing seemingly for different reasons on at least macosx64 and linux64
  • bouncer submitter failed for fennec because there were missing locales in bouncer json:
    • further action: Bug 1193613 - Add regions for tsz and cak in bouncer locales
  • fennec google play signoff email never got sent, delaying post-release steps

Thunderbird 38.2.0

  • Bug 1194989 - crash-stats missing symbols for Windows Thunderbird 38.2.0 crashes