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Meeting Details

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Release Duty

  • FF 44 cycle: jlund/rail (mtabara shadowing)
  • FF 45 cycle: mtabara


  • Firefox_44.0b3 and Firefox_44.0b5 skipped for holiday reasons
  • there will be NO "What's New Page" for FF 44 release


Firefox/Fennec_44.0b8 (jlund/rail)

  • No failures of any type, some intermittent stuff:
    • linux/linux64 update verification errors GTK3-related, ignored
    • win32/win64 update verification errors, intermittent, timeout during cleaning, rerunning.

Firefox/Fennec_44.0b9 (jlund/rail)

  • No failures of any type

Fennec_44.0b10 (jlund/rail)

  • No failures of any type

Thunderbird 44.0b1 (jlund/rail/mtabara)

  • Some intermittent failures came up:
    • repack_8/10 failed for Thunderbird 44.0b1 build1 on win32, rerunning
    • Failed to sign with dmg, rerunning
    • stalled on repacks for MAC's, rerun all
    • repack_8/10 failed for Thunderbird 44.0b1 build1 on win32, spot instance died - rerunning
    • Thunderbird 44.0b1 build1: failed at thunderbird_postrelease, we had a fix for this but after we tagged the repo. retagged with tip and rerun the post-release step


Firefox/Fennec_44.0 (jlund/rail/mtabara)

  • exceptionally, we've got an ongoing Fennec beta 11 (extra Fennec-only beta to see if the latest crash fixes improve the stability situation) that's in the pipeline - contains some hot fixes (google print bug 1240534 and others). Conversation on what we ship on release channel postponed to early next week/next channel mtg.
  • pushed desktop Firefox 44.0 build1 to beta channel. There's going to be a follow-up build2. It might be a 43 m-r based release with selectively uplifted sec fixes, not yet decided - awaiting more data on crash-rates IIUC
  • Some intermittent failures came up:
    • repack_10/10 complete for Firefox 44.0 build1 on linux, re-triggered
    • Firefox 44.0 build1: failed at repack_7/10 on win32, retry


  • mtabara: what's with the Firefox 43.0.4 "partner_repack failed" in release-automation-notifications for linux/linux64/macos64/win32 a week after (14 jan vs 7jan) we shipped it?
  • mtabara: friendly reminder that there's dedicated #releaseduty effective last Monday
  • mtabara: tracking bugs for FF releases (e.g. FF 44 bug 1214686) contain no information or pointers to how did the release go

> proposal: we should file independent bugs for each error that we encounter (e.g. update verify, GTK3 etc) and link them up in the tracking bug for that release. Avoid duplicates but make sure to put them there.

Action items

  • mtabara: register the #releaseduty with chanserv and set roles for it

Most Wanted bugs