Releases:Release Post Mortem:2016-01-27

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Meeting Details

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Release Duty

  • FF 44 cycle: jlund/rail (mtabara shadowing)
  • FF 45 cycle: mtabara


  • Firefox_44.0b3 and Firefox_44.0b5 skipped for holiday reasons
  • there will be NO "What's New Page" for FF 44 release


Fennec_44.0b11 (jlund/rail)

  • exceptionally, we've got an ongoing Fennec beta 11 (extra Fennec-only beta to see if the latest crash fixes improve the stability situation) that's in the pipeline - contains some hot fixes (google print bug 1240534 and others). Conversation on what we ship on release channel postponed to early next week/next channel mtg.
  • Some intermittent errors:
    • Fennec 44.0b11 build1: failed at repack_10/10 on android-api-9, retriggered since no other repacks failed by jlund


Firefox/Fennec_44.0 (jlund/rail/mtabara)

  • Fennec 44.0 build2 went smoothly so far
  • pushed desktop Firefox 44.0 build1 to beta channel.
  • Some intermittent failures came up on buil1:
    • repack_10/10 complete for Firefox 44.0 build1 on linux, re-triggered
    • Firefox 44.0 build1: failed at repack_7/10 on win32, retry
  • There's a follow-up build2. It might be a 43 m-r based release with selectively uplifted sec fixes, not yet decided - awaiting more data on crash-rates IIUC
  • Some intermittent failures came up on buil2:
    • firefox_source failed for Firefox 44.0 build2 - failed to checkout mozilla-release. jlund suspected this is related to scl3 network issues mentioned in #moc, retried
    • Firefox 44.0 build2: failed at update_verify_beta_2/6 on linux64 - gtk3 errors that can be ignored
    • all update verify tasks in beta for linux/linux64/macosx64 failed mostly because of binary files found in diff - could be that we built off of m-b
  • Firefox 38.6.0esr build1 is too on fire and going well in the pipeline
    • shipped. flawless victory
  • Firefox 44.0 build3. usual update verify gtk errors but flawless victory

merge week

  • migration went smoothish
  • Bug 1242892 - [Fennec] Wrong branding for Aurora 46.0a2 on API11 builds
    • resolved

Firefox/Fennec_45.0b1 (jlund/rail/callek/nick)

  • gtk3 merged to beta and is not supported via buildbot based builds
    • resolved: Bug 1242641 - GTK+3 still not working for buildbot builds on beta
  • source builder still not working because of gtk3
    • tracking: Bug 1243448 - beta release source builder failing to run configure


Action items