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Meeting Details

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Release Duty

  • FF 46 cycle: kmoir


Not Shipped

Fennec 46.0b6 (not shipped due to infra issue)

Firefox 46.0b6 (not shipped due to infra issue)

Thunderbird 38.7.1 (kmoir/mtabara) (not shipped due to infra issue)


  • repack_2/10 failed for Thunderbird 38.7.1 build1 on macosx64
  • repack_5/10 failed for Thunderbird 38.7.1 build1 on macosx64
  • repack_6/10 failed for Thunderbird 38.7.1 build1 on macosx64
  • repack_9/10 failed for Thunderbird 38.7.1 build1 on macosx64
  • Thunderbird 38.7.1 SHA512SUMS file is incorrect for one l10n chunk on mac bug 1260986


Thunderbird 38.7.2 (nthomas/kmoir)

  • repack_1/10 failed for Thunderbird 38.7.2 build1 on win32. Looks like a malformed build machine, it couldn't do any uploads. Same machine as win32 repack 4/10. Rerun by nthomas.
  • Ready to ship message to the release channelwhich normally comes at the same time as
completed release_final_verification did not arrive until late ET Monday due to waiting for antivirus job to complete.

Thunderbird 45.0b4-build1 (nthomas/kmoir)

  • First submission of build1 failure due to problem with l10n milestone that release runner caught. This was fixed and submitted to ship it again as build1
  • linux and linux 64 builds failed with errors similar to but c7:60:58:e5:d0:3f:1c:71:88:f8:e4:1b:04:05:28:0a:fb:1f:0f:40, builds restarted automatically
  • thunderbird source failed with issue and was restarted automatically
  • update verify 1, 2, 3 for linux and linux64 failed due to missing gtk3 libraries, the same issue as the last beta
Retrieving '' from cache...
../../update/updater: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Firefox 46.0b7

Fennec 46.0b7

 Abort: certificate for has unexpected fingerprint c7:60:58:e5:d0:3f:1c:71:88:f8:e4:1b:04:05:28:0a:fb:1f:0f:40

for android-x86 build step

  • S3 returned HTTP 500 when (mock) when running repack_10/10

Firefox 46.0b8

Fennec 46.0b8



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