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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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Notes from the Mozilla Reps Council meeting on 2015/09/30 02:30:00 PM.



Participation Update

Lucy joined the meeting and we discussed about the current status of the Q3 goals and which initiatives should be taken over to Q4.

Budget training

We will identify a pilot group of people to be trained. We'll review our training materials and come up with a training schedule. You can find the whole task list on the trello card:

Application queue

We will assign applicants to mentors where we have enough information, or ask for more information from Reps regarding those persons we don't have information on.

Council Chair

Christos will take over the Council Chair for October and November. The onboarding has been done and the announcement is to be sent out until the end of the weekend.

Open work

We worked through the open Trello cards which are either "Stalled" or "In Progress". We confirmed the Budget Training as P1 and will drive this forward. As always, you can jump in as well and help out, just either leave a comment on the trello card or ping anyone of the Council members to get more information and to help out. You can find the Trello board here: