RodrigoPadula report October 2011

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Reporter User:RodrigoPadula
Date October 2011
Recruits 2
Past Items - I've worked on the Mozilla Brasil community site updating the system and adding new plugin to improve the blog system.

- I've organized our participation in the Latinoware event ( booth, talks, swag and other event's stuffs) - I gave a talk about the Mozilla , Firefox and the Openweb in the Latinoware event. - I've started to write a marketing plan for me and the local community based on some goals and objectives talked during the Sao Paulo Meetup - I'm in touch with the Brazilian Gov and some Gov companies/depts in an attempt to create a good relationship between Mozilla, Local Community and the GOV.

Next Items - The most important issue is to finish or improve my marketing plan

- I'm thinking to create a report of the Firefox use inside the Brazilian Gov to send to the Mozilla Foundation to show real numbers and try to create some kind of formal relation between Mozilla and Brazilian Gov. - Find ways to keep mozilla firefox on the Brazilian Media - Recruit new contributors for our community and to keep our site and infra updated.

Event: Attended LatinoWare:2011 as Event Organizer