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This page is here for historical purposes.

Welcome to Mozilla

  • 3 neat things to consider as we see the space: Mozilla is a non-profit with both volunteers and paid staff, it is a technology organization and it is a global organization
  • You are in one of our 12 community spaces around the world

Overview of Mozilla

  • A non-profit started in 1998
  • We now have 5000 active volunteers and 1000 staff
  • We're mostly known as the makers of Firefox. We also advocate user choice, privacy and security.
  • Our mission - We believe in making the Web better for everyone.

Our Space

  • About 200 people work in this space
  • Why we have a commons space: a place for volunteers, staff and friends to collaborate
  • Commons area used for Monday Project meetings as well as brownbag discussions and events held throughout the week
  • We provide free food, drinks and internet
  • The building itself is an important part of San Francisco history
    • Hills Brothers Coffee built this building almost 100 years ago
    • The sign is still proudly displayed on the roof as a historic landmark

How we work

  • Globally distributed with a dozen Mozilla Spaces and people working from hundreds of locations
  • Much of our communication happens virtually (IRC for chat, Vidyo for meetings)
  • We also use several tools for collaborating, like Bugzilla, Etherpad and Mozillians
  • We place a high value on in-person meetups for planning, work weeks, sprints and information sharing
    • MozCamps are regional meetups with a few hundred participants
    • Summits are large meetups with thousands of participants

Our working space

  • Desks are in an open area and everyone has the same desk (from volunteers to the CEO)
  • Meeting rooms are used for in-person and virtual collaboration
  • Room names have different themes, which are chosen by the people in that space
    • Coffee (1st floor), Well-known San Francisco people (2nd floor)

Our products

  • Firefox is our flagship product with over 400 million users
  • Firefox for Android is the Firefox you love on your Android and the highest rated mobile browser

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