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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


Action Items

  • Council vote on agreeing with the plan for a merged calendar/mail/suite hg repository as laid out in MailNews:HgMeetingNotes
    • ajschult, Standard8, IanN in agreement.
    • Mnyromyr not sure about mozilla inside the main directory, but no other proposals come to mind.
    • Option A is ok.

SeaMonkey 2 Alpha

all blockers blocker requests

  • bug 381157 download manager
    • Ongoing, hope to land in reviewed parts.
    • Not going to be a hard alpha-blocker, but want ASAP.
  • bug 390025 kill-wallet (password manager)
  • bug 394522 prefwindow move
    • all top-level panes migrated
    • subpanes left to migrate: 4x browser, 7x mailnews, 1x composer, 6x privacy, 4x advanced
    • Main Blocker, about half way through.
    • volunteers please coordinate with Mnyromyr. Work is in js/xul see SeaMonkey:Toolkit_Transition:PrefwindowPanes:HowTo for more info.
    • IanN has some patches on the go: internet search, popups, and proxy.
    • Stefanh is working on last composer pane.
    • Mnyromyr to do some posts to advertise we want help.

Thoughts on Alpha:

  • We need to ship soonish, to get a release to the community.
  • String freeze should be the last beta.
  • Feature freeze doesn't need to be until we get to the betas.

Longer-Term SeaMonkey 2 Planning

  • We might want to move to Gecko 1.9.1 with this release
  • There was a meeting with Calendar, Thunderbird and Mozilla2 people on our hg story, see MailNews:HgMeetingNotes
  • We now have a blocking-seamonkey2 flag on Bugs

Further Status Meetings

  • Is every other week OK with everyone? (would make next meeting on July 15)
    • Seems ok, but 29 July may not happen/may need to be different.
  • What about the time? Changes wanted/requested/required by anyone?
    • Time is ok, further comments/objections to newsgroup.
  • Is IRC the right medium for this? Do we want a phone conference call?
    • keep using IRC.
    • IRC is good, but if I (Callek) had a call-in number I could have informed people directly what was up, and/or still followed the meeting :-) --Justin Wood (Callek) 11:16, 1 July 2008 (PDT)


Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments?

  • ajschult
    • QA for 1.1.10
      • We could do with some additional testing on Windows - post to newsgroup/forums?
    • a couple outstanding reviews, including session store
  • biesi
  • Callek
    • Download Manager progressing, going to start landing in pieces (if Neil lets me).
    • Feed work pending completion of alpha blockers.
    • Following and assisting Hg planning.
    • Was unable to attend this meeting due to local network issues.
  • IanN:
    • progressing through outstanding pref panels that still need migrating (currently on Internet Search and Popup Windows)
    • need to restart work on multi-addressbook mailnews patch once autocomplete changes have been completed
  • KaiRo:
    • figuring out our build story for 1.9.1/hg, coordination with Thunderbird on that as well as with calendar folks
    • SeaMonkey:hg-based_build has instructions on how to build with the hg test repository, still need some testing for more uncommon build options and for Windows (installer/zip!)
    • started work on getting buildbot setups to do (nightly) builds in the future
    • Starting the 1.1.10 release process, needed a respin due to late changes for the platform, release looks good for later today (this night European time)
    • A 1.1.11 will probably come on a short cycle, is currently planned for July 15, we'll look in detail into how bad the patched issues are
    • also see my blog for details of what I'm doing
  • mcsmurf
  • Mnyromyr
    • Need to weed out which trees need treelines, my preliminary list has over 130 <tree>s which i need to look at!
    • need to update "Mail view picker" patch
    • "Biff without mail main window" behind-the-scenes patch is checked in, need pref pane option to turn it off
    • outstanding reviews: search pref panel, Mac address book
    • still outstanding: pref panels (see Alpha topic above), cleanup after last year's SoC patches (which brought up some issues), Mac twisty icons in mailnews, mail compose addressing widget is broken, etc. pp. *sigh*
  • Neil
  • Ratty
    • Toolbar customization bug
      • Split into smaller patches/bugs to make it easier to review.
      • Some (semi) unrelated enhancements should be split off as well.
      • Recent discussion over IRC between KaiRo and gavin indicates that Neil's patch for the toolkit side of toolbar customization can move ahead. In this case we can probably avoid the need to fork the customizeToolbar.* code.
    • Discussion in m.d.a.firefox on how to support wallet.crypto.autocompleteoverride once we move to toolkit's login manager.
  • Standard8
  • stefanh
    • Working on migrating the last Composer pref pane

Any other business?

  • Increasing developer mindshare (i.e. expanding the number of developers working on SeaMonkey).
    • Suggestion to post in newsgroups, blog and mozillazine forums
    • Possibly hold a day where existing developers will be around to help new ones.
  • The modern theme could do with some TLC.