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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> Ratty

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.


  • Kairo to contact MoFo on doing a SeaMonkey 2.0 press release. Current Status: talked with MoCo presscontact, said they can't do anything that costs money, but fell good about forwarding a roughly two-paragraph note to their contacts.


  • Get permission from Google to use their geolocation JSON service [KaiRo]. Contact at Google says: "We don't have a good estimate for when GLS will be opening up more broadly, but I will be sure to let you know when we take that step. Sorry that I can not be more specific at this time." - We can only wait right now.
    • KaiRo emailed Google again more than 2 weeks ago, no reply yet.


SeaMonkey 2.0 Final

open blockers (7) blocker requests (0) open wanted (28) wanted requests (6)

  • We need to get blockers fixed, some are unowned as of now and need to either get assigned and fixed fast, or to consider to drop or push back release.
    • Besides bug 382870, we have three other unassigned blockers: bug 518203, bug 520006, bug 520480.
    • The first one is quite an issue for Mac users according to stefanh. We need to check with stefanh on options for working round this bug.
    • Mnyromyr will look into the Mac-sidebar-blocker tonight.
    • [KaiRo] I feel safe on generating RC1 without 483282 (venkman perf hit) fixed, btw - I'd like to get it fixed for final, but with Mnyromyr backing out the core patch for it from trunk, I doubt we can do much by and SM2.0 final.
    • [mcsmurf] bug 452465 will be checked in today bug 471346 won't make 2.0, I'm quite sure of that 2.0.x maybe then.
    • [InvisibleSmiley] I think it would be nice to have some user feedback on the Master Password workaround so if it can be done I'd like to have it for RC1 (only depends on reviews).
    • After code freeze, KaiRo will probably go through the wanted+ bugs and cancel or minus things that look too risky to take after code freeze.
    • [KaiRo] Right now, my main concern is if/how we can ship RC1 and then RC2/final after that. The only thing blocking RC1 right now is bug 452465 (directory-rel).
    • We don't do release notes for RCs as due to their version settings, they point to the final relnotes. But we need to relnote any known crashes / performance issues. We can possibly "misuse" the final relnote doc for noting issues in RC1.
  • Schedule:
    • String freeze passed on Oct 1, locales starting to opt in.
    • Code freeze TODAY midnight PDT!
    • Spin first RC tomorrow if possible, with locales that are ready.
    • Let locales continue to opt in, RC2 should be final if in any way possible though.
      • Help can have exceptions to the string freeze - we always have handled it that way. And nothing breaks if localizers are not 100% in sync with help docs.
  • Branch planning is totally up in the air. Thunderbird drivers seem to think branching very closely to releasing their final is good. KaiRo thinks branching should happen before spinning our first RC. No compromise reached as of now.

Feature List, Planning

Bug statistics for last two (full) weeks: 52 new, 39 fixed, 30 triaged.

  • The rate of fixed bugs still continues to be high in the run up to 2.0.

Major wanted/needed features:


  • Toolbar customization aftermath [Ratty]
    • Good to go for 2.0. What remains has to be pushed back to 2.1 (bug 481862, Addressbook and HTML Composer toolbars).
  • bug 456757 Modern theme update [Ratty]
    • Good for 2.0 as is. The remaining polish bugs won't block 2.0.
  • bug 348720 New icon set for "SeaMonkey Default Theme"
    • status/progress? Good for 2.0 as is?
    • A list of TODO icons is up in the bug
    • KaiRo landed task icons
  • bug 508039 "Know Your Rights" [mcsmurf]
    • Has r+ conditional on fix a few nits.
  • bug 442167 "New add-on installed" notification. patch landed [sgautherie]
  • bug 506724 bug 397236 bug 472873 Help updates (more in bug 423281)
    • status/progress?

We also should take a careful look at the other items on wanted-seamonkey2.0+


  • bug 460953 kill-rdf port [sgautherie]
    • Further work postponed to SM 2.1.
  • bug 436794 Enable Mac OS X system address book per default and add UI.
    • SM UI needed, unowned, helpwanted.
  • bug 410613 OpenSearch. helpwanted.
    • We need to check if OpenSearch can support all our existing functionality, for example the INTEPRETS section in Sherlock search plugins. Mnyromyr will check on that, and on how extensible the Firefox code is.
  • bug 449728 drag tabs between windows
    • unowned so far.
  • bug 498596 places bookmarks
    • unowned so far.
  • bug 477845 Build a standalone (Gecko 1.9.1) Composer
    • discussion needed.
  • bug 477840 Backport KompoZer to Composer
    • discussion needed.


Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).







  • Attended this year's EU MozCamp in Prague.
  • Usual testing, reviewing and commenting.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • bug 519228 Add help for the anti virus and scam preferences in the MailNews Preferences UI.
    • bug 518509 [SeaMonkey] xpcshell-tests: test_expire.js fails since bug 390158 landing.
    • bug 515227 Help button in Message Filter dialog lacks Help icon.
  • Working on:
    • bug 515228 Help button in Search Addresses dialog lacks Help icon.
    • bug 515966 Message Filter Dialog menulist missing some icons.
    • bug 515967 Add icons to addressbook menulist in Search Addresses.
    • bug 519133 Newsgroup list in Message Filters Dialog has blank entry and extra separator.
  • Testing and reporting issues on lightning integration with SM.
  • Working through approval/wanted requests for SM2.0.


Bugs Fixed:

  • bug 87107"Get all new messages" in news server context menu.
  • bug 432700Update Help for Find in this page.
  • bug 472395replace custom stringTrim() by native .trim() in Venkman.
  • bug 506724outdated UI described in section Website Certified by an Unknown Authority.
  • bug 509404Restore Previous Session missing.
  • bug 513456Double click and Del do not trigger Edit/Delete in Customize Message Views window.
  • bug 518294Remove Roaming Profiles from Help.
  • bug 518580Add shortcut for Find Again (Ctrl+G)[venkman]
  • bug 519131Initialize Add Watch Expression dialog with current source selection.

Working On:

  • bug 381269Multiple simultaneous master password prompts when checking multiple imap accounts on startup.
  • bug 512507Port bug 484329 Upgrading to 3.0 causes "archives" folder disappears.
  • bug 518204Port bug 511780 Archiving does not always place the messages in the correct account's Archive folder (Archive shouldn't use X-Account-Key: header, at least when account is not Global Inbox owner).


  • Release driving for 2.0
  • Got in the refreshed task icons for the default theme
  • Worked the backlog of support mails sent to council and himself
  • Tried and filed bugs on ISPDB, the database behind the new mail account "autoconfig" feature being already used in TB3 and planned for future SeaMonkey
  • Retrieved and worked on some SeaMonkey statistics
  • Fixed a typo in en-US
  • Cared to have tinderbox breakage fixed after a mail server change at Mozilla
  • Attended EU MozCamp 2009 in Prague
  • As always, my blog has more detailed status about my work.


  • Working on bug 452465 Migration wizard gets confused with non-matching directory-rel and directory prefs for SeaMonkey 2.0.
  • Working on bug 508039 Port |Bug 456439 - add about:rights and a "Know Your Rights" infobar to Firefox| to SeaMonkey for SeaMonkey 2.0.
  • Working on bug 471346 Port GetDefaultFeedReader to SeaMonkey shell service (probably won't make SeaMonkey 2.0).


Bugs Fixed:

  • bug 516330 Save tabs on quit dialog doesn't save preferences.

Working On:

  • bug 515006 Port Bug 354894 [Session restore doesn't work if process hasn't exited (Downloads window open)] to SeaMonkey.
  • bug 517998 There should be way to tell navigator.js that sessionstore is restoring window to avoid triggering "" or "".


Bugs fixed:

  • bug 517554 [smtabmail] Messages opened from Non-All view in tab not shown.

Working on:

  • bug 364864 nsICategoryManager::deleteCategoryEntry does not persist outside of component registration. REOPENED
  • bug 483681 Make SetInitAtStartup actually work. [venkman]



Bugs fixed:

  • bug 187741 "Age in days" search should default to "is less than".
  • bug 431184 Composer badly handles XHTML documents.
  • bug 461117 Implement new keyboard shortcut for Paste as Quotation (Now that CTRL+SHIFT+V is for Paste Without Formatting).
  • bug 465771 Port bug 391728 (disabled plugin placeholder) UI to SeaMonkey.
  • bug 484622 proxy configuration dialog has unreadable text box, vertical size is 0 pixels.
  • bug 490467 Play a sound when Download Completes (again).
  • bug 512173 .message-icon rule in toolkit/themes/winstripe/global/global.css points to non-existent icon.
  • bug 516681 Lightning disables SeaMonkey's throbber.
  • bug 517100 [SeaMonkey] reftest: 2 input-text-* fail since landing.
  • bug 518060 "Exception / NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE / nsIRDFService.GetResource / bookmarksMenu.js :: anonymous :: line 129", dropping on '(Empty)'.
  • bug 520371 Bug 459457 moved dlgtype="help" rules in to the wrong stylesheet.

Working on:

  • bug 474626 Optimize sorting on entry updates in new download manager.
  • bug 476422 JavaScript exception when clicking "File" menu of "Write:" window while composing message.
  • bug 499785 SeaMonkey can't handle spaces in OpenURL, Firefox can.


Bugs Fixed:

  • bug 463249 Expose anti virus and scam preferences in the MailNews Preferences UI.
  • bug 465924 Modern Update: changes in global/.
  • bug 492263 Change "Restart to apply theme" dialog from OK to Restart Now/Later.
  • bug 517683 Missing css/icons for Tasks and/or Events sidebar in SeaMonkey with Lightning.
  • bug 517864 Reclaim vertical space in the bookmarks toolbar menu (modern).
  • bug 517924 Port bug 223132: need a scrollbar on the envelope panel (view all headers / long address lists).
  • bug 517700 Lightning Categories Pref pane not showing any categories.

Working on:

  • bug 512732 Need a chrome://branding/content/icon48.png since mozapps css refers to this.
  • bug 514383 about:certerror should use Larry now that the PageInfo Security tab is (still waiting for reviews).
  • [lightning] bug 516882 Lightning needs UI/CSS tweaks for SeaMonkey.
  • bug 517469 Port bug 363130: make menuitem icons 16x16px consistently on Windows/Linux (modern).
  • bug 517684 Need modern theme for Lightning.
  • bug 518736 Preferences button in Add-on window error - looking for preferences.xul.



  • Attended EU MozCamp 2009 in Prague.
  • Fixed SeaMonkey bugs:
    • bug 255503 tabbedbrowser progresslistener list grows forever instead of resizing when removeProgressListener is called
    • bug 442167 [SeaMonkey] XPI install misses "installation complete" dialog after application restart
    • bug 512005 Package GPSDGeolocationProvider.js on comm-central-trunk SeaMonkey
    • bug 519117 [SeaMonkey 2.1] Stop packaging (merged) reporter.jar
    • bug 520447 Saving broken in "Page Info" and "View Source"
  • Fixed (MailNews) Core/... (but SM related) bugs:
    • bug 515855 Gloda depends on chrome://messenger/ string-bundle, breaks in seamonkey
  • And working on other areas... like
    • infrastructure to run tests
    • filing bugs for leaks in (TUnit) tests
    • doing a Windows comm-central-trunk SeaMonkey unit test build, reporting to bug 470184 issue tracking; looking forward to an official build when enough new buildbot slaves can be enabled (bug 464325 follow-ups).



Bugs Fixed:

  • bug 514969 Remove reference to toggle JS on/off in mailNews.
  • bug 516469 Reference to non-existing twisty-clsd.gif and twisty-open.gif in pinstripe's tree.css (toolkit).
  • bug 517788 [Mac Classic] Download Manager polish.

Working on:

  • bug 462044 Simplify some style rules in themes/*stripe/mozapps/help/help.css.


Any other business?

  • People need to write some blog posts for the SeaMonkey blog to show off what SM2 features. Mnyromyr needs to write a summary on tabmail anyway, so he can make a blog post from that as well.
  • Interesting talks with multiple people in Prague about future and esp. KompoZer collaboration/integration.
  • KompoZer:
    • [KaiRo] Bascially after SeaMonkey 2.0 and KompoZer 0.8 (both expected this/next month), we should do a clone of comm-central+mozilla-central in a user space on hg.m.o and try to get things running there, then merge back either the repository or the patches.
    • We also should look into getting some build machines to do at least nightly build cycles.
    • Ideally, KaiRo can get machines into the SeaMonkey pool and we might be able to get the builds into the SeaMonkey buildmaster.
    • The main issue there is hardware/VMs, but KaiRo needs to talk to Mozilla IT about that topic in any case.
    • If KompoZer becomes an official Community Project, that might be simpler. Kaze is working on this at the moment.
  • bug 477845 [Build a standalone (Gecko 1.9.1) Composer].
    • We don't need MOZ_STANDALONE_COMPOSER. If we would, we could do it with For example --enable-application=editor.
  • The next step is for kaze to get a hg account and doing that comm-central clone to play around with.
  • [sgautherie] New mozilla-central build issues are: Windows needs Windows7 sdk/workaround; Linux leak test crashes.