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A list of names of supporters is kept here. Everyone who supports the Suite is welcome to enter his or her name here. Programmers, don't forget to query Bugzilla for bugs that need fixing. Testers, don't forget to query Bugzilla for bugs that need investigation.

Notes on editing this page

  • This is a list of real names of SeaMonkey supporters.
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Activity areas

You also find information at Modules/SeaMonkey

Name What I could do...
Bielefeld, Rainer[1] QA, Bugzilla Bug Confirmation, Bug reporting, Bugzilla mentoring, Wiki, Project Blog, Unofficial English and Unofficial German News Blog, soliciting donations for activities outside the official SeaMonkey project, press contacts.
Gautherie, Serge[2] Mostly doing simple C++/CSS/JS/XUL/&co patches; testing bugs on Windows. Some bug triage, ...
Grahl, Frank-Rainer Developer, SeaMonkey Council
Kaiser, Robert[3][4] Localization stuff, I'd like to do some UI design review, perhaps some theming work, perhaps some project management stuff (all as needed), SeaMonkey Council
Kalla, Adrian[5][6] L10n, QA&Testing (Win32&Linux), Windows and Linux build experience incl. unofficial nightly trunk builds for W32, W64 and L64, Python, Java, a bit XUL and JS
lemon juice Developer, add-ons, add-on-converter
Mechelynck, Antoine "Tony" (:tonymec) [7] [8] L64 QA & bug reporting; occasional one-liner porting from Firefox & Thunderbird
Neil, Ian Developer, SeaMonkey Council
Wein, Frank[9] Blog, Website, SeaMonkey Council
rsx11m Developer, SeaMonkey Council
Wong, Edmund[10] A bit of C++/XUL/JS/CSS/HTML. [Windows/Linux User], SeaMonkey Council
Wood, Justin (Callek) release engineering , SeaMonkey Council

Former Supporters

see here!


Here are localization teams that are not going to stop working on localization of the Mozilla Application Suite. Also note the Sign-off status for SeaMonkey Central dashboard which has status on all ongoing L10n projects for SeaMonkey.