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Suiterunner has landed

On 29th May 2007, Robert landed the patch that saw "suiterunner" become active on the trunk. This means that developers can now fully focus their attention on the toolkit based SeaMonkey rather than having to additionally maintain the old xpfe based SeaMonkey.

We can now work towards a 2.0 release with a much more supportable code base.

Nightly builds are available for testing, note however that at this stage they are recommended for testing only.


"suiterunner" is an internal code-name for the future version of SeaMonkey based on the "new toolkit", i.e. the same backend code already used by Firefox, Sunbird and for the most part also Thunderbird. The name is intentionally derived from "XULRunner", as the long-term goal of this project is to make SeaMonkey a XULRunner-based application.

Important changes

Compared to xpfe-based "conventional" SeaMonkey (1.0.x and 1.1.x), suiterunner will feature some quite important changes:

  • Incorporation of the same Add-On Management as Firefox, including uninstalling Add-Ons, automatic extension updates, etc.
  • Making Firefox and Thunderbird extensions compatible with suiterunner is easier than with "conventional" SeaMonkey (not all will work out-of-the-box though)
  • Profiles will be kept in a new directory, old profiles will need to be migrated (addition of a profile migrator opens doors to enable easier settings importing from other apps though)
  • New Windows installer will be based on NSIS, just like current Firefox installer

Why are we doing this?

Some of this has already been touched on above:

  • Using toolkit means we share more core files with Firefox, Sunbird, Thunderbird etc, this means we benefit from their fixes to the core code, and they benefit from ours.
  • It will be easier for extensions that work with Firefox/Thunderbird to be compatible with SeaMonkey.

Current development


For the moment, building SeaMonkey trunk in the "suiterunner" configuration is working on all platforms, but it currently ties some parts of xpfe and toolkit together in a temporary mix, still excluding some parts of toolkit from the build that we haven't yet figured out how to include without causing incompatibilities. Look for comments like "# XXX Suite doesn't want these just yet" in toolkit build files.

Bug state

Now that suiterunner has landed, I'm not going to be maintaining this section any longer --Standard8 04:36, 10 June 2007 (PDT)

The main tracking bug for suiterunner is bug suiterunner - This has now landed!

Real blockers:

Regression which would be caused by the switch, but no need to block:

  • bug 329021 Get non-static builds of mailnews working when MOZ_XUL_APP set (for developers only?)
  • bug 329742 Port SeaMonkey's splash screen code to work with Toolkit
  • bug 348437 Remove/fix nsKillAll.js for builds with MOZ_XUL_APP=1 set
  • bug 361682 Turbo mode won't work with suiterunner builds
  • bug 378545 Change height of Location Bar Dropdown Window.
  • bug 378647 Get profile roaming working in suiterunner builds (extensions/sroaming) WONTFIX
  • bug 378743 [Mac Classic] Too large menuitem font in certain menulists
  • bug 332203 Ensure the installers work with MOZ_XUL_APP set on SeaMonkey WONTFIX
    • Works apart from DOMI
  • bug 423281 Help content update for SeaMonkey 2.0.
  • bug 364168 Winhooks commandline options won't work in suiterunner
    is also related to:
    • bug 380347 port shellservice/winhooks to suiterunner
  • bug 381915 [Mac Classic] New tab/Close tab button incorrect positioned in suiterunner

New bugs caused by the switch:

  • bug 349309 toolkit's extensions.js/OpenURL is app specific (GetMoreThemes/Extensions)

Miscellaneous Related Bugs:

  • bug 255807 Migrate Seamonkey UI from XPFE to New Toolkit
  • bug 336874 Make suiterunner use the same toolkit.jar as XULRunner
  • bug 342087 migrate SeaMonkey preferences to use an extended Toolkit Prefwindow
  • bug 350215 Convert optional components in suiterunner to extensions.
  • bug 366673 Remove remaining contents.rdf from Suiterunner (stop using installed-chrome.txt)
  • bug 370306 Move Address Book's autocomplete (and addressing widget) implementation to be based on toolkit's

Already fixed:

  • bug 329744 Write migrator for moving to Toolkit-based profiles
  • bug 351917 Create NSIS installer for SeaMonkey
  • bug 334478 Get suiterunner to actually run (start up a somewhat usable browser window)
  • bug 335154 Get SeaMonkey's themes registering and switching with Theme Manager (in suiterunner)
  • bug 338461 Get file -> new navigator window working in suiterunner
  • bug 339720 show warning page before showing about:config
  • bug 346604 Two "Using help" documents in suiterunner
  • bug 346605 Make openHelp() calls call suiterunner help correctly
  • bug 348386 Download manager doesn't display on suiterunner builds
  • bug 350221 Make suiterunner tabbrowser build on toolkit browser
  • bug 351152 Make SeaMonkey's Release Notes URL compatible with toolkit's version
  • bug 360109 make suiterunner help use SeaMonkey theme icons
  • bug 361159 Grippies missing on toolbars for Classic theme in suiterunner
  • bug 361161 Reporter doesn't work for suiterunner (MOZ_XUL_APP=1) builds
  • bug 361191 In suiterunner preferences once Mail & Newsgroups -> Tags pane is selected you can't get of it.
  • bug 361193 In suiterunner preferences, advanced -> Mousewheel pane doesn't display
  • bug 361203 Suiterunner: More Information button doesn't work on Smart Browsing pane.
  • bug 361303 Showing about as a dialog doesn't work in suiterunner.
  • bug 361683 Help buttons missing for mailnews items in suiterunner builds
  • bug 361903 Personal Toolbar expands when items are hovered
  • bug 363700 Software Installation (pref-smartupdate.xul) prefs page is designed for xpfe SM not suiterunner.
  • bug 364141 toolkitify composer's startup handler
  • bug 365181 loadHelpRDF with help window in SuiteRunner
  • bug 366367 SeaMonkey link on mailnews start page is incorrect in suiterunner
  • bug 366901 Edit->Copy doesn't work in the SuiteRunner Error Console
  • bug 370308 Color pickers on colors pref pane don't work in suiterunner
  • bug 371973 Links in Suiterunner Help has wrong color
  • bug 372856 Remove themes pane from preferences in suiterunner builds.
  • bug 376912 Mac Classic tabbrowser looks bad.
  • bug 377185 Palm Sync extension problems on trunk builds for Thunderbird & Suiterunner
  • bug 377953 build suiterunner package/installer via suite/installer
  • bug 378279 [suiterunner] Missing sidebar (and wrong tabbrowser) close button in Classic
  • bug 381186 Edit Form Info doesn't work in suiterunner builds
  • bug 381338 Allow import of bookmarks from other profiles that we support migration from

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As suiterunner is now SeaMonkey trunk, the builds may be found in the Nightly builds directory, or you can build them yourself with your normal SeaMonkey build configuration.