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FirefoxOS Security Team Meeting

1pm PST, B2G Vidyo room Prior notes are here:

Agenda Items


  • [cr] *Another* security researcher wants to do phd work on the market place. Bhargava Shastry [:basintea] of TU Berlin will be focusing on FxOS app security (while Daniel DeFreez wants to cover malware detection)
  • [:cr] potential new app-validator dev taking over Matt Basta's responsibilities: Mark Striemer,
  • [freddy], additional traction to implement csp within chrome pages (like about:newtab). I met with the DOM team and :grobinson as well as :bz will cover some of the gnarly bugs, that involve changing the SystemPrincipal (see blockers to
  • [arroway] System frontend workweek is happening in Paris, if you have questions to forward

New roadmap: Gecko Reviews Reviews Hardening:


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