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FirefoxOS Security Team Meeting

1pm PST, B2G Vidyo room Prior notes are here:

Agenda Items

[kang] [kang] [arroway]

  • sec-review process: make the information more visible for the developers on the wiki
  • follow up on fixing reported security bugs: block the following bug to raise attention on a specific security bug:

  • Goals

Add your goals here:

Previous Action Items

  • [PT] to talk to mvines to check on status of sandbox flags
  • [PT] talk to QA on getting patch from QA to OEMs
  • [GD] Testing sandboxing guide, updating wiki etc.

New Action Items

  • [cr] prepare for 3-week vacation, returning on Jan, 13th
  • [cr] polish crypto concept draft and send RFC to b2g-internal
  • [pt] update wiki sec review

Goal Status Updates

Other stuff