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FirefoxOS Review Details

  • Review Date: October 2013
  • Review Lead: L.E. Taccor


  • Why are we doing a review
  • Has it been reviewed before
  • Any special risks or concerns


  • What parts of Gaia, Gecko and or Gonk are we looking.

The following system components were reviewed:

  • Gaia

Configuration of Wifi via the settings (and other Apps)

  • Gaia
    • Foo app
    • Web Activities provided by Bar app
  • Gecko
    • mozXXX interface
    • Gecko Permissions
    • Messaging ( messages, system messages)
    • Interface to XYZ service on IPC socket (JSON-based communication protocol)
  • Gonk
    • XYZ Service

The following items were deemed lower risk and not reviewed:

  • Communication between XYZ and hardware
  • etc etc


See Web NFC review for example

Relevant Source Code

Permission Model

  • Paste from Permissions Table.jsm (see below)
  • Discuss anything special like access
  • Discuss where permissions are enforced (access to object, on IPC messages, at each function call etc)
 "wifi-manage": {
 190                              app: DENY_ACTION,
 191                              privileged: DENY_ACTION,
 192                              certified: ALLOW_ACTION
 193                            },

Review Notes

1. Content/Chrome Segregation

2. Process Segregation

3. Data validation & Sanitization

4. Denial of Service

Security Risks & Mitigating Controls

Actions & Recommendations

  • List of recommendations, and corresponding bug numbers
  • For sensitive bugs, just put bug number (or omit entirely maybe it is really dangerous & obvious)