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* A big thanks to [ Florian Merz] for kickstarting the Berlin community! He has organized a #FoxYeah event back in June and now hosts bi-weekly developers meetups in Berlin. He's a great help in growing our community in Berlin! Keep it going!
* Erin Lancaster for being so enthusiastic. It's great to work with her together on projects so we can bridge the gap between employees and volunteers :)
* A big thanks to [ Ian IRC NICK iann] for approving all of the translations for the en-gb on Pontoon, for all of the Mozilla websites
== Upcoming Events ==
=== Monday, {{#time:d F|{{SUBPAGENAME}}}} ===
*[ SuMo Knoledge Base meeting] - this will be in the SuMo vidyo room, to discuss about the Knoledge base at SuMo and how we can imrove it 20:00 – 20:30 UK everyone is welcome to attend it
=== Tuesday, {{#time:d F|{{SUBPAGENAME}} +1 day}} ===
*[ Firefox for Desktop testday all day]
* * This will be mostly focused on Windows 10 Issues but you are free to attend it * *
* [[Webdev/Meetings/2015/September_1|Webdev Extravaganza]]: 10:00 AM Pacific in the Webdev Vidyo (Open to the public)
** Stream on Air Mozilla:
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