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  • MozCamp at DMIT, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi  + ( What is DMITs all about? DMITs is all a
     What is DMITs all about? DMITs is all about technologies and its aspects, And what do we do there? Hack it and most important Learn. School students are an integral part of any community, but most of the students aren't aware about what technologies they must use and the power and potential they behold. DMITs Cross the barriers and bring the potential out of them by organizing several events and talks for them. From the community point of view, this could be a major contribution towards itself.  What to expect? In the earlier events DMITs went in a very smooth and constructive. Events like Graphica, Sound editing, Gaming, Group Discussions and logo making (juniors) will be going on. Expected audience (Students) is 400+ and approx attendees are 200+. As per now no blog is maintained, but this time we are thinking about opening a domain towards it, and photos would be uploaded on the school website for sure :)  What is so different this time? You Don’t Say? We are having a Mozilla event this time: D Students who are Super-thirsty for knowledge can exploit the platform of this Mozilla event and Gain what they seek for. There would be sessions on Mozilla extension development and lots of MUNCHIES.  When and where is it? DMITs is Annually held in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi – 110092. The Mozilla event would be held in classes VI A & B, from 9 AM to 2 PM on 10th August. *Volunteers for talks are request to register their talk by sending an email at, briefing about the talk and talk duration :)
    , briefing about the talk and talk duration :))
  • Add On Development Workshop  + (A hands on workshop on building restartless addons for Firefox browser. Conducted as a part of the software fest - Carte Blanche'12 organized by the Computer Society of Madras Institute of Technology. This will be a one day workshop on Jetpack SDK)
 (Celebrate 7 Years "People's Browser" : Mozilla Firefox)
  • MozCafe Chennai  + (Meetup of Mozilla enthusiasts in and around Chennai. Vineel - The Mozilla India Community Lead will be here to talk with the Mozila Chennai Community.)
  • OSCON 2012  + (OSCON is North America's Premier Open Sour
    OSCON is North America's Premier Open Source Event. Ubuntu Oregon will have a table at the event and seeks to promote Ubuntu and all FOSS projects that are bundled into the Ubuntu distribution. The Mozilla Reps Council has submitted a talk and it has been accepted. [ How To Multiply Your Community By A Factor Of X]
    Multiply Your Community By A Factor Of X])