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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Feature dependencies" with value "Unknown". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Security/Features/TLS Telemetry  + (N/A)
  • Privacy/Features/Pref to limit number of fonts loaded per tab  + (None)
  • Security/Features/SSL Error Reporting  + (Not necessarily a dependency, but need to
    Not necessarily a dependency, but need to keep in mind: * There's an [ IETF key-pinning draft] in the works that can report pinning errors. See [ bug 846501#c5]. If we use a format for the general SSL error reporting that is compatible with the IETF standard for reporting key pinning errors, we may be able to avoid writing that code twice. * [ Certificate Pinning] will need this capability.
    ficate Pinning] will need this capability.)
  • Security/Features/Sandboxing of content processes  + (Older project description:<BR> Early draft of threat model:
  • Features/Security/Low rights Firefox  + (Other references *
    Other references * * * * * *
  • Web Apps integration  + (Platform and Apps work: * -webapp mode ([h
    Platform and Apps work: * -webapp mode ([ bug 725408]) * navigator.mozApps ([ bug 697383], LANDED) * Add-on implementation: UX * Mac & Win: The user is prompted if they are sure they want to install and perhaps some messaging as to where the app will be installed * Mac & Win: Post-install message tells user where the app was installed or the OS can show the user where the app was installed
    e OS can show the user where the app was installed)
  • Features/Platform/CSP Sandbox  + (Requires the sandboxing infrastructure from
  • Fennec/Features/TabletUI  + (See the [ complete dependency tree].)
  • URL Preview within Thunderbird  + (Should interract with the App Tabs gSoC project
  • Features/Platform/Graphite font shaping  + (The Graphite2 library:
  • Features/Jetpack/Browser-e10s-Support  + (The feature depends on platform support (specifically the Electrolysis work) for loading and executing the correct elements into the correct processes.)
  • Features/Jetpack/Out-of-Process Addons  + (The feature depends on platform support for loading and executing add-ons in separate processes. It may also depend on decisions we make about providing a more web-page-like environment to addons.)
  • Features/Jetpack/Add-on SDK Localization API and Service  + (The feature depends on work to be done in the SDK, AMO, and a localization service with which AMO interacts to solicit and retrieve localizations.)
  • Features/Jetpack/SDK Support for Firefox for Mobile Addons  + (The feature may depend on landing support
    The feature may depend on landing support for specific interface elements in the FFM interface. While there are elements to having support for out-of-process addons that will be necessary in the long run. We have determined that having e10s support is not a blocker to getting minimal support for mobile addons working.
    minimal support for mobile addons working.)
  • Features/Add-ons/Add-ons Default to Compatible  + (The operational side of this feature, how to detect and handle incompatibility cases, is detailed on the [ Detection and Mitigation] page.)
  • Features/Desktop/BYOB-for-Firefox9  + (This Feature depend on the following bugs:
    This Feature depend on the following bugs: * [ bug 696705] modifying distribution.ini results sometimes in extra quotations in prefs * [ bug 666909] update video for Firefox * [ bug 668180] update partner-repacks * [ bug 671511] update search engines on byob * [ bug 668181] update addon installer * [ bug 593230] update byob homepage * [ bug 592707] need BYOB FAQ
    ug.cgi?id=592707 bug 592707] need BYOB FAQ)
  • Features/Add Sync to Home Tab  + (This bug is a blocker for the [[Firefox/Features/Sync_Setup_Improvements| Sync Setup Improvements]])
  • Privacy/Features/Sync Compromise Alerts  + (This can be implemented by itself, but the alerts could be generated inside the clients and pushed to the other devices using [[Services/Sync/Push_to_device]].)
  • Privacy/Features/HSTS Preload List  + (This depends on HSTS, which landed and shipped with Firefox 4.)
  • Simplified Sync  + (This feature depends of [ Sign In to the Browser] as it will use that method to access the data.)
  • Firefox Social Integration  + (This feature depends on: # The Social API
    This feature depends on: # The Social API back-end implementation # UR and UX work to test and design the experience for discovery and enabling social features, each of the 4 social touch points, disabling the social feature, and switching between social providers. # Labs and Firefox engineers to implement the front-end of the Social API # Social providers to offer up an Open Web Application Manifest - which contains the name, icon, and service data needed for the browser to communicate with the web property.
    wser to communicate with the web property.)
  • Thunderbird Metro  + (This feature may require some or all of the Gecko, Necko, scripting engines, etc. to be somewhat modified. These should be reusable from Firefox metro.)
  • DevTools/Features/StyleInspector  + (This is an element-centric tool. That means that while it's possible to select an element with a command and then open this tool, practically speaking we need to have the Highlighter working first.)
  • Support/Firefox Features/Clean up user profile  + (This will probably require the expertise of installer, migration, and Firefox front-end hackers, reviewers, and testers. * [ bug 700898] - test harness for migration tools)
  • TLS 1.1 / 1.2 Support  + (To be filled in.)