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This is an in progress page for documenting the overall priorities for standards work at Mozilla.

For an overview of technologies, see Standards/technologies.


Most of the web standards we implement are developed (or co-developed) at W3C, we must spend some time improving W3C architectural approaches and processes as a multiplier for both better standards focus and speeding up the development of specific standards:

  1. W3CTAG
  2. W3CAB
  3. W3CAC

This is a rough draft based on typical order of what developers build on when creating web pages, sites, apps, almost completely focused on client-side standards:

  1. HTML + microformats
  2. CSS3
  3. JS + DOM

For the longer term health of the open web we must empower and liberate the server-side as well. That often requires working with different communities and specifications:

Lastly, we should proactively spend some time on experimental efforts that show potential:


Main article: HTML

HTML is fairly stable at this point and thus the spec priorities are accordingly:

  1. Fix features based on implementation experience
  2. Drop features that don't make sense or have not shown any practical need in building web apps.
  3. Reject feature proposals that lack clearly demonstrated needs in real world websites

We do this by working with WHATWG.


Main article: CSS3

CSS3 is a set of modules in various states from stable to experimental.

  1. Wrap-up specs we're editing that are nearly done
    1. CSS3-UI
    2. ...
  2. Determine presentational blockers for web app UI and figure out which spec (or a new one) to get them into

We do this by working with the W3C CSSWG.


DOM is the focus for the overall JS/DOM area as that's where the key needs and work are currently.

  1. JS + DOM

(May need to recover some past work from the out-of-date WebAPI page)

Longer term

Longer term priorities that are essential for the open web, and yet are not part of any direct specific web app needs. These efforts typically have a more server-side focus:

  1. IndieWeb
    1. Webmention
    2. Micropub
    3. IndieAuth
    4. WebActions)


New concepts, or experimental / small community explorations

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