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Say Hello Challenge!

Firefox Student Ambassadors is hosting a Say Hello Challenge to create buzz around #FirefoxHello, the easiest way to connect over video for free! The Say Hello Challenge will began accepting entries on March 3rd, Say Hello Day! Challenge will end March 10th. You can join the Facebook event to get more details or read below!

How to Participate

It involves selfies (lots of them) and a chance to win some awesome swag. Here's how:

  1. Show a friend how to use Hello!
  2. Once on, smile and take a screenshot photo.
    1. On Mac: Command + Shift + #3
    2. On PC: Alt + PrtScn
  3. Post your photo online (Facebook or Twitter) with caption: “Just connected with @(insert your friend’s name) using #FirefoxHello!
  4. Grab the url to that post and submit it to this form. 1 screenshot = 1 entry.
  5. Random participants will be selected to win Firefox Swag Packs (picture below)!


Tips & Tricks

Join Say Hello Day

March 3rd is Say Hello Day. Join in as Mozillians, Firefox fans, and internet users everywhere try out Hello by connecting with their friends and family. This is the perfect time to start a conversation with someone and snap that selfie.

Show Your Family

Give your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin, and anyone in your family a link to start a conversation. They don't need to download anything, sign up for anything - they just need to click the link you send. Surprise them today and take a photo as memory.

Demo on Campus

If you're a student, here are some ways to to spread #FirefoxHello on campus:

  • Set up a demo booth on campus with your Firefox Club or with another Ambassador.
  • Already hosting an event? Add in a talk on Hello.
  • Simply send your classmates a link to invite them to a conversation!
  • Meeting between club members? Introduce Hello as the perfect solution to connect and chat.


1. Do I have to be a Firefox Student Ambassador to participate? Of course not! Any Mozillian, Firefox fan, or interested participant can join in on the challenge. If you're a student, do consider joining Firefox Student Ambassador. We're a group of do-gooders promoting openness, innovation, and opportunity on the Web!

2. How will winners be selected? Winners will be selected randomly. We'll contact them & announce it on our Facebook page. Remember, the more entries, the more likely you'll win.

3. Challenge begins March 3rd but can I submit early? We encourage all participants to begin connecting with people on Hello, taking selfies, and sharing them online now! March 3rd is when you can began submitting them to the form.