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Hello Participation Guide

This page is dedicated to Mozillians to update them & provide them with information on how to participate in activities and generate buzz around Hello!

What is Hello?

Hi Mozillians! Firefox launched a NEW built-in feature called Firefox Hello that lets you make free video and voice calls directly from the browser. All you have to do is click a link to join. no account or sign-in is required.

We’re continuing our mission to build a better internet with better products for you and for everyone.

Mozillians, we need your help letting the world know about Firefox Hello. There are two easy ways to participate:

  • Share online!
  • Participate in Say Hello Day on March 3rd.

Why it's awesome.

We’ve outlined a few reasons explaining why Hello is awesome. Read below and be sure to let your friends and family know why Hello is so awesome.

  1. Hello is incredibly simple to use. Just click the smiley face in your toolbar!
  2. Hello works across multiple browsers making it easy to community with your friends and family even if they aren’t on Firefox.
  3. You can invite anyone, anywhere.
  4. It’s free to make video calls!
  5. No download, software, plugins or account required.
  6. Keeps your conversation private and secure.
  7. You can add contacts by syncing with your Firefox Account.

How to use it?

Get Started

Step 1: Make sure your browser is up-to-date. Click here for instructions on how to update Firefox.

Step 2: Check the upper right-hand corner of your browser's toolbar for the Firefox Hello icon (smiley face). See it? Good. Click it, then Start a Conversation.

Hello demo image.png

Step 3: Click the copy button to send the conversation link to your friend or family!

Hello demo image 2.png

Step 4: When they join the conversation, the Hello button will turn blue.

For more detailed steps, view our Mozilla Support Hello guide!

Demo Video

Watch this video to give you a visual walk-through of the Hello process!

How to share online?

We need your help in introducing Hello to the world. Below are posts, tweets, and images you can share online. Let’s work together to bring the easiest way to connect over video to users everywhere!

#FirefoxHello Social Posts

Facebook: Check out Firefox Hello, the easiest way to have a free video conversation with anyone, anywhere, right from your browser.

Twitter: Wow! Check out #FirefoxHello, the easiest way to connect for free over video, no download required:

Feel free to mix these up and throw in a personal touch!

How to participate?

There are exciting activities happening across the world to celebrate the launch of Hello. See below for how you can get involved!

Say Hello on March 3rd!

On March 3rd, we are inviting Mozillians, Firefox fans and users to hop on to Hello, to say 'Hello' to:

  • A friend.
    • From your bestest friend to someone you've wanted to reconnect with, send them a link to say 'Hello'.
  • Your parents.
    • They don't need to download anything, sign up for anything - they just need to click the link you send. Surprise them today!
  • Your coworker.
    • Show them the easiest & quickest way to have a meeting online.
  • Anyone!
    • Hey, use Hello to call anyone, anywhere!

We'll join together today to say the biggest 'Hello' the world has ever heard. Be sure to share the experience using #FirefoxHello.

Spread the Word

Share online about Say Hello Day. Here are sample tweets to share on Twitter!


  • Say hello to a friend on March 3rd using #FirefoxHello. Show them the easiest way to connect over video!
  • Say Hello to a friend on March 3rd using #FirefoxHello. It’s the easiest way to stay in touch! [INSERT GRAPHIC]
  • March 3rd is Say Hello Day. Connect with someone and share the experience online with #FirefoxHello.

Use this graphic!


Join the Online Challenge

The Firefox Student Ambassador Program is throwing a Hello Challenge on Say Hello Day. It involves selfies (lots of them) and a chance to win swag! Here’s how to participate:

  1. Show a friend how to use Hello!
  2. Once on, smile and take a screenshot photo.
    1. On Mac: Command + Shift + #3
    2. On PC: Alt + PrtScn
  3. Post your photo online (Facebook or Twitter) with caption: “Just connected with @(insert your friend’s name) using #FirefoxHello!””
  4. Grab the url to that post and submit it to this form. 1 screenshot = 1 entry.
  5. Repeat the steps with someone new!

Participants will be selected randomly to win a Firefox Swag Pack (picture below). More entries, more chances to win!


More info here.