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Mobile User is Mobile

The design of a mobile user experience is very different from that of one for the desktop. Some of this difference springs from the characteristics of the platform -- the limitations and capabilities particular to pocket-sized devices. Much of the difference also comes, though, from the context of the user. Fundamentally, it's significant that the _user_, rather than the device, is mobile.

In the first part of this session, we'll quickly go over some themes of designing user-experiences for the mobile space, and look at how these are informing design decisions already made in Fennec.

See here (for the moment - better link to come) for some background: Mobile/UI/Designs/TouchScreen/workingUI

The second part (and bulk) of the session will be dedicated to brainstorming and discussing mobile user scenarios. In order to design a browser that will really meet the needs of mobile users, we need to understand what people are doing and want to do while connected and mobile. Some of these scenarios are listed here: Mobile/User_Experience/scenarios.

Come, and bring your thoughts about what you do now and wish you could do better while mobile!

(Madhava Enros)

Update -- for slides and more, please proceed to my blog post