Summit2010/B005 Localization IA

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Session leaders

Stas, Chris Howse, Seth Bindernagel

Notes from the session

  • localizers want to be able to customize news feeds on their teams page
  • a personalized logged-in view is important
  • the todo app needs to be well integrated into the whole website
  • some localizers asked if this was going to be an entry point to mozilla's l10n or what would happen to current assets
  • localizers asked when the current (beta) dashboard will move from l10n-stage-sj to
  • list top 10 unlocalized extensions on the locale's page
  • consider making the site localizable
    • at least one localizable page explaining what the portal is
    • plus, a homepage for each locale to be a catch-all point for potential newcomers to the community.
  • consider using the word "translate" instead of "localize" for pages where we want newcomers to find out more information. "localize" is not a know term and doesn't show up when someone searches for "translate mozilla"

Other potential ideas post-session