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2010 Mozilla Summit: July 7 - 9, Whistler, Canada
The 2010 Mozilla Summit is an invitation-only gathering of some of the most active contributors in the Mozilla community. This year's theme is "Be More Like the Web".

Date & Location

The 2010 Mozilla Summit will take place from July 7th to July 9th, 2010. We're headed to Whistler, British Columbia again, a ski resort in western Canada and recent venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics. As it is the off season, we were able to negotiate with one of the larger hotels so we could have everyone stay at one place, the Fairmont Whistler.

If you wish to extend your stay in Canada, you may choose different travel dates when you confirm your invitation.

Please note: The Mozilla Summit is an invitation-only event and registration is now closed.


The theme of the Summit will be Be More Like The Web.

Session Notes

It would be really helpful if volunteer(s) could take notes at the breakout sessions so these valuable discussions are recorded for posterity, and for those who couldn't attend the sessions.

We recommend using Etherpad to take notes, since it allows everyone in a session to brain-dump their thoughts into it in real-time. It's really cool.

Please place a link to your notes below.


Please note: The Summit schedule is constantly changing - check back often!


  • Tuesday, July 6th
    • 07:00 - 18:00 : Registration and MozCafé
    • 18:00 - 20:00 : Reception on the Woodlands Terrace
  • Wednesday, July 7th
    • 07:00 - 08:15 : Breakfast
    • 08:15 - 18:30 : See full summit schedule
    • 18:30 - 20:00 : Dine Around the Village
    • 20:00 - 22:30 : BOFs
  • Thursday, July 8th
    • 07:00 - 08:30 : Breakfast
    • 08:45 - 19:00 : See full summit schedule
    • 19:00 - 20:30 : International Dinner & World Expo
    • 20:00 - 22:30 : BOFs
  • Friday, July 9th

Accepted Proposals

Additional Meetings (BOF)

Other Events & Ways to Participate!


We've set up several different communications channels for the Summit, including:


Confirmed attendees will receive a newsletter roughly once per week leading up to the Summit. Archived copies:


We have an IRC channel on #moz10.

Testing shows that using the "Fairmont" access point, you can't connect to at default port 6667.


  • either connect to at port 6668


  • use SSL and connect to at port 6697


The @MozillaSummit Twitter account will be used to send out news, up-to-the-minute updates, and other information both before and during the Summit. Follow it today!

Summitr site

The Summitr website aggregates Tweets, Flickr photos, and Delicious links that are tagged with "#moz10". Use it wisely!


The Summitbook website is a place to list your contact information and see what other Summit attendees have put up about themselves.

Getting to and from the Summit

Mozilla will coordinate all travel to/from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and transfer by bus to Whistler, British Columbia. Once you have sent your RSVP you will be contacted by our travel agents to confirm your details and book your flights.

If you wish to make alternative arrangements for travel to or from Vancouver, feel free to do so at your own cost and let us know in your RSVP when you plan on being in Vancouver so we can provide you with details on when the bus will be leaving from downtown and/or the airport to Whistler.

If you require a visa to visit Canada
Citizens of certain countries will require a visa to visit Canada. When you RSVP, please be sure to include the nationality as indicated in your passport. If you require a visa, our travel agents will help you arrange the required documentation.

Bus Schedule for Charters to SFO

Flight Time Departure Time Bus Number Pick Up Location
6:00 am - UA 957 departure for Vancouver 3:30 am Bus 1 Mozilla Offices - 650 Castro Street, Suite 300 / Mountain View, CA
6:00 am - UA 957 departure for Vancouver 3:30 am Bus 2 555 West Middlefield Road (This bus will pick up all interns at Oakwood for their flight)
7:30 am – AC 583 departure for Vancouver 5:00 am Bus 3 Mozilla Offices - 650 Castro Street, Suite 300 / Mountain View, CA
10:48 am - UA 567 and 11:15 am - West Jet 1771 departures for Vancouver 8:15 am Bus 4 Mozilla Offices - 650 Castro Street, Suite 300 / Mountain View, CA
12:00 pm - UA 563 departure for Vancouver 9:30 am Bus 5
Mozilla Offices - 650 Castro Street, Suite 300 / Mountain View, CA

Buses will be leaving on schedule. We will not be able to wait for late arrivals, so please make sure you are on time.

Am I scheduled for a Shuttle?

All those who have signed up for a shuttle from Mountain View to SFO should take the bus that matches to their flight number on the table above. Please make sure you only get on the bus for your flight.

Can I still sign up for a shuttle?

Haven't signed up for a shuttle yet, you can do so here: Sign-Ups

How do I get back to Mountain View?

We have also scheduled buses from SFO to Mountain View on Saturday, July 10th. Sign ups will be available at Whistler.

Arriving at Vancouver International Airport

Documentation for Canadian Customs
We have informed Canadian Customs about the Mozilla 2010 Summit, and provided a list of invitees who are coming to the country for the conference. If you are asked for documentation proving that you are attending this event, it may be valuable to have the following two letters on hand.
If you're flying from outside of Canada
You'll be handed a Declaration Card(PDF) on your flight. Fill out this card out before you land:
  • the purpose of your travel is "Business",
  • declare any gifts, alcohol, or tobacco that you are bringing into the country,
  • you do not need to declare personal baggage such as your computer, camera, and clothing as long as you're taking it with you when you leave.
When you arrive at the airport, follow the signs for "Canada Arrivals" to Canada Customs and Immigration. Hand your Declaration Card and Passport to the officer, and explain that you are visiting for a conference in Whistler, BC. If they ask for evidence of your invitation to the conference, produce the Pocket Letter that Mozilla sent you. The officer will mark and return your card and direct you to the baggage claim. Collect your bags and exit the Customs Hall, turning in your marked Declaration Card to the officer at the doors.
If you're flying from within Canada
If you're coming from within Canada, simply proceed to the baggage claim from your gate once you arrive.

Bus to Whistler

The bus ride takes 2 hours, and is desperately pretty. You may want to take a camera. The best view is from the left side of the bus.

If you're arriving by air on July 5th or 6th
Once you've collected your luggage, follow the signs towards the exit - there will be parade of Mozillians to help get you to the buses. For people arriving later in the evenings, there will be smaller shuttles waiting to take you in smaller groups.
If you're already in Vancouver...
You have two options.
  • On July 5th and 6th, anytime before 6pm you can make your way to the airport (by taxi or the Canada Line) and go to the International Arrivals area where you can walk on to one of the shuttle buses we'll have going to Whistler. Remember to arrive early - after 6pm we only have room on the shuttles for those who are scheduled to arrive by air that day!
  • On July 6th, there will be a single bus leaving at 2pm sharp from the Fairmont Vancouver at 900 W Georgia St.
If you're going to Whistler before July 5th...
You must schedule your own bus to Whistler from the airport or downtown at your own expense.

Arriving at the Hotel

All attendees have rooms booked from July 6 - 10 at the Fairmont Whistler Hotel. Unless we have sent you a confirmation by email, no additional hotel nights have been arranged for you. You can extend your stay at the Fairmont using our group rate, but must contact the hotel and do so at your own expense.

When your bus arrives in Whistler you should proceed to the hotel's check-in desk where you'll be given keys to your room.

  • the first person to check in to a room will be asked for a credit card as a deposit against damage and room charges; Mozillians are personally responsible for all room charges (excluding the cost for the room itself) such as room service, pay per view content, minibar charges and any damage.
  • The hotel is an entirely non smoking hotel, and British Columbia law prohibits smoking near any balconies or entrance ways. The staff will be able to direct smokers to areas where they are welcome to smoke.

Returning home

Bus to Vancouver Airport
You will be scheduled on a bus from Whistler to the Vancouver Airport. We'll be posting a schedule and handling reservations at the Summit.
Departing Vancouver Airport for the USA
You will be departing from the International Terminal. You will have to clear US Customs at the airport before your flight, so be sure to leave yourself enough time to stand in line. It's recommended that you arrive at the airport 90-120 minutes before your flight to avoid potential delays. Most airlines will allow you to check-in online 24 hours before your flight.
Departing Vancouver Airport for other countries
You will be departing from the International Terminal. If you are checking baggage, you will need to arrive 90-120 minutes before your flight. Most airlines will allow you to check-in online 24 hours before your flight.
Departing Vancouver Airport for Canadian cities
You will be departing from the Domestic Terminal. If you are checking baggage, you will need to arrive 60 minutes before your flight. You can check in up to 24 hours before your flight.

Logistics At the Summit

Food & Drink

There will be organized group meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner as part of the Summit. Any other food or drink expenses (including room service and in-room minibar charges) will be the responsibility of the attendee.

The legal drinking age for consuming alcohol in British Columbia is 19, and all attendees are expected to adhere to this law.

High-speed Internet

Our IT team is working to ensure that we have good wireless Internet connectivity throughout the hotel during the Summit.

Mobile Phones

Please be aware that when you are in Canada your phones will be subject to voice and data roaming charges, the cost of which depends on your service provider. Cell phone rates tend to be high in Canada, so you may wish to ensure that your device is not set to roam by default in order to prevent a large bill. You are personally responsible for phone expenses.

All national mobile phone companies (Rogers, Fido, Bell, and Telus) sell pre-paid SIM cards, but may charge for the card and/or an activation fee as well as the airtime credit.

Other Activities

While there's plenty to do at the Summit, there's also a lot to do in Whistler. Pubs, shops, nature trails and excursions are all available nearby.


What if I want to come early or stay late?

Please note that any costs (hotel, food, bus, etc) associated with an extended stay will be at the attendee's own expense. You may indicate in the RSVP or to the travel agent who contacts you that you'd like to arrive earlier or leave later, and your flights will be booked accordingly.

Mozilla has negotiated preferred rates with hotels in Whistler and Vancouver for those who wish to extend their stay. These rates apply for the 7 days before and the 7 days after the Summit.

If you would like to arrive earlier or stay longer at the Summit venue, please contact and we'll get you information about hotels and any extra charges that you will need to cover.

If you will be making your own way to Whistler (before the summit) or from Whistler (after the summit) you will want to book your own bus ticket between Whistler and Vancouver.

Can my family come along?

Your invitation is for you only and you will be fully booked from early in the morning to late at night from Tuesday evening to Saturday morning, and so it would be best if you were not joined by family during the Mozilla Summit. In fact, we strongly discourage you from bringing your family. However, if it's absolutely necessary that they do accompany you to Whistler, you will be responsible for their travel, the cost of their lodging, and they will be unable to join you at meals and the evening group activities.

What should I bring?

Whistler is located high in the Coast Mountain range of Canada, and although it's summer, it can get quite cold at night. During the days it will be warm enough for shorts, or jeans and light shirts. Because the temperature varies, it's best to bring layers that you can put or or take off. Be sure to pack long pants, at least one sweater or coat, and we recommend at least one pair of closed-toe shoes or hiking boots. The hotel has a large swimming pool and gym, so you may wish to pack a bathing suit and workout clothes.

There is cell phone service in the GSM and CDMA bands, and the electrical service is the same as the United States, 120V AC at 60Hz with type A and type B sockets. We will try to have adapters there, but if you have your own, please bring one.

Temperatures for Whistler

  • High: 20°C / 68°F if sunny (16°C/60°F if rainy)
  • Low: 3°C / 37°F

Suggested packing list

  • pants
  • shorts
  • t-shirts
  • long sleeved shirts
  • sweater
  • rain jacket
  • hat, gloves
  • bathing suit
  • digital camera
  • electrical adapter for north american type A sockets
  • the official invitation letter (PDF) for customs

Money: Canadian currency can be obtained from automatic teller machines and currency exchange booths. The Canadian dollar is worth approximately 1 USD, 0.65 GBP, and 0.73 EUR. American currency is also widely accepted in Whistler.

Do I have to pay taxes on purchases?

In British Columbia, Canada, all goods and services are subject to a 12% value added tax called the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Non-residents can no longer get their sales tax payments reimbursed due to a new law passed in 2007.

Are there really bears?

Yes. Black bears are common to British Columbia, and live in the nearby woods. Some have become used to foraging into town for food. If hiking nearby, you should make sure that all food is well wrapped. If you see a bear, it's likely not going to be interested in you, so don't panic. Usually if you make a lot of noise it will go away.

Convenience / Grocery Store

A grocery store is located at 4211 village square, number 27 on the Whistler Walking Map. Open 8am to 11pm daily.

Unofficial Music CD

The Muzilla Project has put together a compilation CD to help you to pass the time during your travels to and from the summit (and between sessions) from independent artists who (like us) believe in openness and fair use. Download the (free) unofficial music CD for the summit from:

Unofficial Photos

Feel free to add links to public photo groups or albums here e.g. on Flickr tagged with #moz10

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