Summit2010/Lightning Talk 1

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Thursday, 11:30am - 12:45pm

  1. Micro Lightning Talks: Things Mozilla Developers Need To Know (Gervase Markham)
  2. Helping Everyone (Kadhir Topal)
  3. OpenCommunity and OpenWeb (RoDrigo García S.)
  4. Open is messy: Some simply skills to being more effective (David Eaves)
  5. Jetpack: Zero to Add-on in Five Minutes (Atul Varma)
  6. Bespin - The Mozilla Labs Code Editor (Joe Walker, Kevin Dangoor)
  7. Jetpack's API: Page Worker (Felipe Gomes)
  8. Web's Stencil Proposal (Guillermo Movia)
  9. Synchronized, semantic content in multimedia streams with HTML5 and SMIL (Fabien Cazenave)
  10. Designing for sharing (Madhava Enros)
  11. Add-on UI in Firefox 4 with Jetpack (Dietrich Ayala)