Summit2010/Lightning Talk 2

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Friday, 9:00am - 10:30am

  1. Host Your Own Firefox Education Event! (Sarah Doherty)
  2. Personas: The Past and Future of Art in Firefox (Ryan Doherty)
  3. Fix a Bug Program! (Aditya Rao)
  4. Re-invent online video with Web Made Movies (Brett Gaylor)
  5. Lessons learned from backporting OOPP to Firefox 3.6.4 (Christian Legnitto)
  6. Identity and Firefox 4 (Dan Mills)
  7. How stuff works and the value of process (Jeff Hammel)
  8. Scaling Services - Keep It Simple (Toby Elliott)
  9. Powersaving Tricks (Alon Zakai)
  10. Patching security bugs (Dan Veditz)
  11. Firefox Startup Experience (John Wayne Hill)
  12. Fuzzing demo (Jesse Ruderman)
  13. RelEng infrastructure during idle time (John O'Duinn)
  14. Bug Writing Guidelines - a QA perspective (Marcia Knous)