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This page shall help us to coordinate additional meetings at the Summit.

Maybe you'd like to meet with a group of people to sit down and discuss a topic, and none of the other talks seem to cover it?

Which meetings will happen? Who is interested? Where to go? When?

BOF = Birds of a Feather = an informal discussion group (Wikipedia)

Mozilla Meetings

BOF1: Setting Goals for the Future

Lead: Mitchell Baker

Time & Place: Wednesday evening ~8:00pm, Empress Ballroom (BOF Sessions)

Description: TBD

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Deb Richardson
  • Gandalf

Developer Meetings

BOF2: Security code, PSM, NSS, padlock

  • We want to talk about the open issues in PSM and answer questions
  • brainstorm on future code changes, such as improving the "https padlock tracking" mechanisms

Proposed time and place:

  • After the "security trends" talk (B081), in the same room. (Friday 14:45 in Macdonald BC)

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Honza Bambas
  • Kai Engert
  • Sid Stamm
  • Dan Veditz
  • Bob Relyea
  • Wladimir Palant
  • Johnny Stenback

BOF3: Secure Authentication

  • We want to talk about PKI based user authentication, SSL client auth
  • brainstorm on user interfaces and implementation

Proposed time and place:

  • After the "Account Manager & Online Identity" talk (B027), in the same room. (Changing plans, because talk B027 moved and there's no time afterwards)
  • Time
    • Thursday 17:00 (5 pm), meeting in front of MacDonalds A

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Kai Engert
  • Sid Stamm
  • Dan Veditz
  • Honza Bambas
  • Bob Relyea
  • Wladimir Palant
  • Joshua Cranmer

BOF4: Ubiquity catchup

  • General face-to-face get-together and catchup of Ubiquity's developers (and anyone else interested). Discussion about Ubiquity: past, present, and future.

Proposed time and place:

  • Wednesday 9:30pm, meet in front of Frontenac A outside of Empress B & C

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Blair McBride
  • Atul Varma
  • Jono Xia
  • Aza Raskin
  • Christian Sonne
  • mitcho (Michael Erlewine)
  • marsf
  • Gordon P. Hemsley

BOF5: JavaScript Proxies + Wrappers

  • We will talk about the JS security wrappers, old and new, and GC compartments. If you want to understand how security works in content and chrome JS or you have ideas how to make it better, this is for you.

Proposed time and place:

  • Wednesday, 5pm, Empress C

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Andreas Gal
  • Blake Kaplan
  • David Anderson
  • Luke Wagner
  • Dave Herman
  • Chris Leary
  • Peter Van der Beken
  • Boris Zbarsky
  • Paul Biggar
  • Wladimir Palant
  • Martin Stransky

BOF6: TabCandy (tab groups)

Come learn more about TabCandy and how you can try it out and contribute! We would love to have people with XUL/platform experience attend, but a lot of TabCandy is in straight up JS/HTML too! :) Come join in the fun!

Proposed time and place:

  • Thursday 5pm-6pm (during World Expo setup break)
  • #tabcandy, (physical place TBD)

Want to come (add yourself):

  • mitcho (Michael Erlewine)
  • Aza Raskin
  • Mardak
  • Blair McBride
  • philikon (Philipp von Weitershausen)
  • gandalf
  • TheOne
  • Gordon P. Hemsley

BOF7: Mobile UI Framework

Discuss the new Mobile UI framework initiative. Need to discuss UI conventions and the interplay between the various mobile browsers.

Proposed time and place:

  • Suggestions welcome

Want to come (add yourself):

  • John Resig
  • Matt Brubeck
  • Bob Chao (MozTW)

BOF8: Redistributing Mozilla

We hear that it isn't always easy to redistribute Mozilla products - e.g. Linux distributions want to bundle Firefox, but find it difficult to integrate what we ship.

What could we do differently to make this easier?

Merged with BOF25 (Mozilla and Linux distributions)

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Zack Weinberg
  • Wolfgang Rosenauer
  • Martin Stransky

BOF9: Web Development Plans

With the coming redesign of for Firefox 4, we may try do improve/simplify the infrastructure/templating behind

Proposed time and place:

  • Thursday lunch - 1:30pm - Meet at the back of the MozCafe room by the PS3

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Steven Garrity (silverorange)
  • Mike Gauthier (silverorange)
  • Alex Buchanan
  • Mike Alexis
  • Andrei Hajdukewycz (sancus)
  • Gordon P. Hemsley

BOF: Future of Tabs

Let's discuss and brainstorm about the future of tabs, beyond TabCandy, VerticalTabs and BarTab.

Proposed time and place:

  • Thursday, 9pm
  • Empress C

Want to come (add yourself):

  • philikon (Philipp von Weitershausen)
  • gandalf
  • TheOne

ROJ: Jetpack Hackathon!

Jetpack hackers of all stripes--SDKgineers, Add-on Builderers, and add-on developers--will get together and hack on the SDK, the Add-on Builder, add-ons themselves... whatever fires up our rockets!

Afterwards, we'll decamp to the cafe and try to commandeer a gaming console to watch The Rocketeer on it!

Proposed time and place:

  • Thursday, 21:00 - 22:30 (9:00-10:30pm), Frontenac A (unless we get kicked out of Frontenac like last night, in which case we'll jet over to some other room).

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Myk Melez
  • RoDrigo García (@rodchile)
  • Tibi Turbureanu (@tct)
  • Brian King (@brianking)
  • Eric Jung

Contributor Meetings

BOF10: Conversation with Local Communities

Lead: Mitchell Baker

Time & Place: Thursday evening 8:00pm, Empress Ballroom

Description: Come meet with Mitchell to discuss your views about Mozilla as a local community member. If you are a localizer, marketeer, or whoever, you represent Mozilla in your locale. Perhaps not surprisingly, Mitchell has traveled to many places across the world to discuss Mozilla and would love to hear from and meet you. Please join us for this chat where we can learn how to more effectively spread Mozilla in the local settings.

Want to come (add yourself):

  • sethb
  • iacchi, flod (Italian community)
  • Shanky/Shankar (Kannada Community, India)
  • gandalf
  • Rami (Arabic Community, Jordan)
  • BobChao (MozTW Community)
  • alexxed (Romania)
  • Nathaniel James (US)

BOF11: SuMoMo Non English Meeting

SuMoMo is the knowledge base for Thunderbird! all SuMoMo contributors welcome but emphasis on non English SuMoMo. Would like especially like anybody who can/will contribute to SuMoMo from these languages DE, JP, IT, FR, CZ, NL, etc - host:rolandtanglao on irc ping him on #moz10, cell:+16047297924, roland AT, Mozilla Messaging Technical Support Lead

  • NB: moved from original time of 17:15 to 17:45


  • Group Photo by Ludo!!!!
  • Everybody introduce themselves briefly
  • Roland to say a few words (1 minute or so!) about SuMoMo
  • We know you will be tired so we'll let you go for Dinner

Meeting point : the lobby look for the asian guy i.e. Roland in orange hoody !!!

Invite your friends and other Thunderbird contributors and SuMoMo contributors!

Time and Place: When: Wed July 7th, 17:45, meet in the lobby, look for Roland, the Canadian of Asian (Filipino) heritage wearing an orange hostage

BOF12: QA & Support working hand in hand

Canceled due to lack of time - please attend the SuMoMo meeting at 17:45 or ping roland +16047297924 or roland AT

Organizing Thunderbird QA/Support Communities - Ludovic Hirlimann and Roland Tanglao (see SuMoMo above for contact info) will present ideas to organize support better to make support more effective worldwide as well as make support and QA work better together

Proposed Time and Place: When: Wed July 7th, 17:45, meet in the lobby

BOF13: SUMO-Community meeting

The SUMO community will meet for a casual get-together in the Mozilla Cafe on Thursday night at 9.30pm, right after the World Expo. We will talk about current issues, demo our plans for the near future and have fun with Rock Band.

Proposed Time and Place: When: Thu July 8th, 21:30, meet in the Mozilla Cafe

BOF14: Thunderbird Fun/Product/Participation

Session focused on making Thunderbird an easier, more fun, and more efficient place to participate by better defining various product and participation pieces. This effects everyone working on Thunderbird to varying degrees. We will review & work through new documents and, time permitting, trial some of the process steps.

People who review the documents ahead of time will find the meeting significantly more useful. Links:

Proposed Time: Thursday, July 8: 5pm-6pm (17:00-18:00)

Proposed Place: Fireplace area in front of the Fairmont Bar

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Dan Mosedale (dmose)
  • David Ascher
  • David Bienvenu
  • Bryan Clark
  • Dave Sifry
  • Blake Winton
  • sid0
  • _Tsk_
  • Rafael Ebron (rebron)
  • Joshua Cranmer
  • Magnus Melin
  • Martin Stransky
  • Jennifer Zickerman
  • Wayne Mery
  • Roland Tanglao (rolandtanglao)
  • (nth10sd - Gary wanted to attend but unfortunately had an earlier Education discussion go overtime)

BOF29: Mozilla Hispano meeting

Lead: Guillermo Movia (deimidis) and Rubén Martín (Nukeador)

Time & Place: Thursday evening 9:00pm, room TBD (meet outside Mozilla Cafe)

Description: All Spanish speaking collaborators are meeting in a round table to discuss the present and the future of the Spanish community Want to come (add yourself) / Apúntate si vas a asistir:

  • Nukeador
  • Deimidis
  • Willyaranda
  • StripTM
  • peregrinogris
  • pcollaog
  • RoDchile
  • janitux
  • hyoga
  • Emilio Sepúlveda
  • Eduardo Urcullu
  • Julián Ceballos
  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Izel

Engineering Meetings

BOF15: IT, Labs/Services, Webdev collaboration

Projects move back and forth among these groups throughout a projects' lifecycle, but there can be lots of bumps along the way.

I'd like a meeting where people from these groups get together and we talk out ways to make everything move smoother. I guess the code phrase... to work together more like the web ;)

Topics (add yours):

  • introductions: give people a chance to meet each other
  • discuss our future -- how we will make things smoother/better/bigger/faster together
  • (hope we can keep this one short and productive): How can we improve the way we've handled deploying Django/Python apps? What's the state of git at Mozilla and how will we handle it moving forward?
  • how can we communicate what tools we're using, etc. so we can reduce overhead when spinning up new products? any ideas for code reuse, sharing, reviews across teams?

Proposed time and place:

  • Thursday, 5:00-6:00 (during World Expo setup)
  • Not sure where we'll end up, but we'll meet in the hall by registration

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Ian Bicking
  • Les Orchard
  • Atul Varma
  • Pascal Finette
  • Zandr Milewski
  • Michael Coates
  • Michael Morgan
  • Wil Clouser (easiest just to email webdev@ to get everyone though)
  • James Socol
  • wenzel
  • Paul Osman
  • Dan Mills
  • Erik Rose
  • Mike Alexis
  • Ricky Rosario
  • Myk melez
  • Tarek Ziadé
  • Laura Thomson
  • Piotr Zalewa (zalun)

Meeting Notes

BOF17: IT, RelEng: how to setup Build-VPN?

We need restricted access to RelEng production systems. First attempt at Build-VPN was uncleanly specified, and doesn't work well. Fixing this is a joint IT/RelEng goal for Q3.

Lets meet at whiteboard and brainstorm how to do this, before we start filing bugs and doing any work.

Proposed time and place:

  • 12:45: over lunch
  • lower dining room

Want to come (add yourself):

  • joduinn
  • mrz
  • dmoore

BOF18: RelEng Brownbag - and RelEng Roast

All you ever wanted to know about how the RelEng infrastructure works, and how you use it faster and more efficiently. Also, Q&A session to find suggestions for future improvements?

At the December2009 allhands, there were a couple of "RelEng Roast" sessions at Academy of Science and at 650castro which people found quite useful. If you have gripes, pet peeves of things to fix or a wishlist of things you'd like to see added, this is the place.

Proposed time and place:

Want to come (add yourself):

BOF19: RelEng, QA, Dev: How to Deal with Intermittent Oranges?

Intermittent test failures (oranges) are still an issue, perhaps even more so now that we have brand-new 64-bit operating systems in play.

Are people happy with brasstacks ( It seems to do most of the things we need to track intermittent test failures over time, but how many people are looking at it? At the risk of overburdening TBPL, do we need to link this info into TBPL somehow?

On the RelEng side, we had/have the facility to re-run certain tests multiple times in a row, but we've had it disabled for a while since no one was looking at the results.

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Chris Cooper
  • Joel Maher
  • Jesse Ruderman

Proposed time and place: Friday 13:15 - 14:00 (grab lunch early!) Meet around cafe/games room.


BOF20: Thunderbird engineering / dev-process working session

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Mark Banner
  • Dan Mosedale
  • Kent James
  • sid0
  • Joshua Cranmer
  • Wayne Mery
  • Gary Kwong

Topics (add yours):

  • Canary system
  • Fast-releases process
    • channels / feedback solicitation
    • next steps
  • 3.2
    • first alpha schedule
    • branching discussion

Proposed time and place: Friday 13:15 - 14:00 (grab lunch early!) Meet around games room, we'll try and borrow one of the empress rooms for half hour.

BOF24: Performance with Shaver

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Ryan VanderMeulen
  • Wladimir Palant
  • gandalf
  • Kyle Huey
  • Markus Stange
  • Chris Leary
  • Johnny Stenback
  • biesi
  • sid0
  • smaug


Proposed time and place: Thursday 9pm

BOF25: Mozilla and Linux Distributions


  • online/offline status (related to networkmanager), should it be done or not, lets discuss options
  • system mozjs ABI policy
    • what about breaking ABI in security updates?
    • make a small subset mozjs-minimal API that would be stable so mozjs consumers in Linux distributions, rather than using the full firefox exposed ABI/API.
  • system NSS database

Want to come (add yourself):

  • Alexander Sack
  • Martin Stransky
  • Wolfgang Rosenauer
  • Bob Relyea
  • biesi
  • gandalf
  • Chris Leary (also wondering when this will happen)
  • Tomer
  • Zack Weinberg


  • This seems not to have happened Thursday evening because of the conflict with shaver, so I (Zack) propose we reschedule it for 11:30AM tomorrow, meeting right outside Frontenac A (which is where I will be at 11:30).

Engagement Meetings

BOF21: PGP Signing party

Idea is that mozilla contributors from all over the world are meeting. Some of us are using PGP on a daily basis - would be nice to sign / cross sign our keys.

User:Tsk created a keyring on biglumber, please add your key there , this will facilitate - the meeting and signing process, as printing the keyring will allow an easy, I've check this signature.

If you have a pgp key consider joigning and add your key to the keyrrin (see above).

Thursday July 8th 11:30 before the lightning talks. Meetpoint the lobby.

See also: The Keysigning Party HOWTO

BOF22: CAcert Signing Party

Assurers (please add your name if you want to assure) :

  • Bogomil Shopov
  • Iacopo Benesperi
  • Ludovic Hirlimann
  • Wolfgang Rosenauer
  • Karsten Düsterloh

Thursday July 8th 13:45 - 14:15 Meetpoint , The lobby.

BOF23: WoMoz

A face-to-face meeting for people involved with (or interested in) issues regarding gender in open source projects. See the Women & Mozilla website for information about the group.

Schedule: Thursday 8th, 21h. Meeting Point: The ping-pong table in Mozilla cafe

QUICK UPDATE! We are having a 2nd meeting today at lunch time. Meet us at 12.45h outside the games room.

Attendees: everyone welcome!

  • Jennifer Zickerman (
  • Mariana Benavidez (marianabenavidez at gmail dot com)
  • Andrea Balle (arballe at gmail dot com)
  • Gloria Patricia Meneses (gpmeneses at gmail dot com)
  • Janet Swisher (jswisher at mozilla dot com)
  • Laura Thomson (laura@m.c)
  • Katie Guernsey (
  • Nathaniel James (njames at mozillafoundation dot org)
  • AlinaM

UPDATE: another lunch is scheduled for Friday. Meet outside the games room after the Lightning Talks (which are scheduled to end at 12:45).

BOF26: Documentation and Translation

Let's get together everybody interested in writing and translating documentation, for any audience or product, and share ideas, resources, word nerd jokes, etc.

Schedule: Wednesday BOF time: 20:15 (after dinner)

Location: Frontenac


  • Janet Swisher (jswisher at mozilla dot com)
  • Eric Shepherd (

BOF27: Mozilla Social Discussion

Building on Account Manager and the Contacts API, let's continue the Mozilla Social technologies conversation.

Schedule: Thursday 9pm Location: Empress A

Question: Anyone got conflicts with this time? Probably multiple BOFs will start at 9 pm?


  • Ragavan Srinivasan
  • Pascal Finette
  • Mike Hanson
  • Dan Mills
  • Austin King
  • Kai Engert (assuming this is related to the "White Pages" idea)
  • Joshua Cranmer
  • Henrik Moltke
  • Laura Thomson (too many BOFs at once, I'll bounce between)


BOF28: Working Remotely

Are you a Mozilla "remotie"?

Mozilla is *very* distributed. Many work from our homes, not in an office. This requires a different way of working, keeping focused, keeping in touch with events elsewhere - including other remoties. Here's some quick pointers on what works and doesnt work for us.

If you work remotely, what works for you?

Schedule: Friday 1.15pm (grab a quick lunch and then come join us) Location: Empress C