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Summit Buddies

"Summit Buddies" is a very lightweight buddy program for the Mozilla Summit 2010. What we're doing is matching up each previous Summit attendee with someone who is attending the Summit for the first time. There are two primary goals for the program, outlined below.

Point of contact

The Summit Organizing team will try to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch, but we're a tiny group and are guaranteed to be overwhelmed most of the time. Having a buddy means you have a fall-back contact if something goes wrong or if you otherwise don't know who to ask for help.

Meet at least one new person

We also like to stir things up a bit, and we think that meeting new people is always fun. The buddy program should give everyone a chance to chat with at least one other person they might not otherwise make contact with within Mozilla. Buddies will be encouraged to make contact with each other in the weeks leading up to the Summit, and hopefully arrange to meet up during the Welcome Reception or some other event.

Buddy Quest! The Summit Buddies game

In addition to the regular Summit Buddy stuff outlined above, we're also building a game into things.

While you are under absolutely no obligation to do anything more than exchange an email or two and say "hi" to your buddy at the Summit, we're hoping you'll also take part in the larger Buddy Quest! game.


Buddy Quest puzzles allow you to earn points (stickers on your nametag) byThe premise is simple: Buddy teams will have the opportunity to do various "quests" together throughout the course of the Summit. Quests will include things like "solve a riddle", "complete a scavenger hunt", or "play a board game together", etc. solving them in conjunction with your Summit buddy and finding a quest master (QM) with the answer.

The available puzzles:

A daily puzzle pack. Starting with the puzzle in the newsletter. Solve that one, find a quest master and pick up the puzzle pack. Solve those to pick up points.

Session Sudoku. Solve to a secret phrase -- tell it to a QM. This puzzle is worth 30 points!

Map?! There's a map downstairs. We're not going to tell you what to do, just that there's a puzzle here.

Science fair/World expo. While you're browsing the science fair and the world expo, look for the puzzle. You'll need to walk around to find all the pieces so be sure to see all the exhibits!


When you and your buddy have completed some quests, find a Buddy Quest Rep and they will grant you Buddy Quest points for each quest completed. We keep track of points on your name badge so keep it with you!


On the last afternoon of the Summit, we will collect your Buddy Quest score cards and tally all the points. The top-scoring Buddy teams will get some pretty awesome (yet to be determined) prizes!

Alternate Buddies

In the case that you're paired up with a buddy who doesn't want to play Buddy Quest! but you do, we'll try to match you up with another buddy who does want to play. You'll be able to get help with this from any of our Buddy Quest Reps.

And that's it

While we would really like everyone to take part in the buddy program, we understand that not everyone will be comfortable with the idea. If you don't want to participate in the buddy program, that's ok -- just send an email to before June 15th and we'll take your name off the list.

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions about this or any other part of the Summit, please email