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Mozilla World Expo

World expos have been a place for nations to gather together to exhibit technology advancements and cultural presentations, creating historically renowned structures like The Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Space Needle in Seattle, The Crystal Palace in London, and the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

With the confluence of so many cultures at the Mozilla Summit, we are going to host the first ever Mozilla World Expo! The Expo will feature Mozilla cultures from around the world, exhibiting what is happening in our global community to advance the Mozilla project and its mission.


Are you interested in participating? We would love to have you create an exhibit. Bring anything pertaining to your local culture like food, history, ceremonial outfits, or music. Show us something that makes you proud or might give other people insight into your culture. Create a slide show or presentation that shows off your community. You can include your community site, logo, work (localization, marketing, code, events, etc.), video from other community members saying hi, photos from events, media coverage, or something else. We will provide an LCD panel where you can show a loop of videos, slides, photos, or any other digital media you have.

As a representative attending the Summit, you are encouraged to work with your local community in the weeks leading up to the event to put together a display for the World Expo that shows off your work and your community. To be clear, we are looking for display exhibitions, not presentations, for all to see in our Mozilla Expo Hall. Summit attendees will walk through the Expo Hall through the evening, interacting with everyone to learn about Mozilla and its community around the world.

How to sign up

We will be accepting sign-ups for this event right up until the beginning of the Summit. If we end up with multiple sign-ups for a single community, we'll put you in touch with each other so you can work together!

Mozilla World Expo sign-up sheet!

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions about this or any other part of the Summit, please email