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Summit Fair Survival Guide

The Mozilla World Fair and Innovation Fair at Summit 2013 are large scale opportunities for us to highlight and share with each other the best that Mozilla has to offer - our vibrant community, and the most promising projects at the intersection of learning, freedom and the web.

By hosting a table at the Fair, you get to put your community, culture, or project's best foot forward. With each interaction, think about how you can deliver more value to participants.

This is not a trade show or a marketing conference. Rather, it's a collaboration-loving, participant-driven set of learning fairs dedicated to building community and tools that help people and address real needs. How can your project help others achieve their goals? How can you invite people to get involved? For that reason, the role you play is a delicate balance.

As a Fair Exhibitor, you become a living and breathing resource (you!) who will answer questions and give a face to innovative ideas. But mostly, it's about having fun!

Before the event


  • Prepare documentation and promotional materials you want to share with participants. The Mozilla Summit brings together a wide cross section of the community - from developers to writers to community builders, process experts, educators and beyond. Think about different audiences and how your project will be useful and accessible to these groups.
  • Consider saving offline demos in case the wifi goes down. This is a massive event with hundreds of connected devices. We can't guarantee optimal bandwidth around the clock, although we are trying.
  • Power. It is limited. There will not be outlets at every booth. Please consider what you can do creatively with rechargeable tablets and phones and with posters, easels, etc. Thank you for understanding the limits to our space.


  • You will get a cardboard (posterboard) sign you can write your booth name and supporting links on. Location of booths may be first come first serve with the exception of booths that have specific technical requirements.

People and Program

  • There is a list of participants by location at: you may want to recruit demonstrators from or craft messages directly to this audience.

At the Fair


  • Doors open for the World's Fair at 11:00am on Friday and for the Innovation Fair at 11:30am on Saturday. Please be standing next to your booth by the starting time for the Fair.
  • Plan to set up your table within an hour before the Fair. We are looking for more detailed set up instructions and will post those soon.
  • Please note that the Fairs will stay open during the box lunch on both days, so please plan to keep your both running for 2 hours. You can either have people take turns at the booth while you eat lunch or someone can grab lunch and bring it to you.
  • Plan to tear down your booth within an hour after the Fair. We are looking for more detailed set up instructions and will post those soon.


  • Please bring a VGA adapter if you need one.
  • External speakers will not be available so as to reduce audio battles. :-)
  • Power outlets are SCARCE bring strips and think creatively about displaying.
  • Plan for up to 600 people seeing your exhibit. If you bring anything to hand out, bring enough materials to spread the love.
  • Don't be shy!
  • Everyone will be milling about, meeting new people, exchanging ideas. Smile, jump in the mix and enjoy yourself!
  • If you made other specific logistical requests, you will get a personal response about what we can do. It is too late to make additional specific logistical requests at this point.

Food (for World Fairs)

You are advised not to bring any food, or non-packed delicacies with you at the venue for World Fairs. Although we understand that giving away local delicacies is an important part of showcasing your local culture, unfortunately this violates the local venue rules. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.