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The Mozilla Summit is an invite-only event
If you have questions or feedback, please read the Summit FAQ and then ask us on #mozsummit on IRC.

2013 Mozilla Summit: October 4 - 6, Brussels, Belgium / Santa Clara, USA / Toronto, Canada

Five Ways to Have a Great Summit


The work of changing the world — the big, juicy Mozilla work — can happen only through active participation. Commit to pushing hard to go beyond what’s easy: embrace a new idea, ask a dumb question, lead a session, close your laptop. If a session does not move you, find another that does (it’s okay to shift). You alone get to decide what interests you, stretches you and ultimately helps you grow.

Make room

Summit participants speak more than 114 languages. We don't all understand English fluently. Some of us are hard of hearing and visually impaired. When speaking, do it slowly and clearly. Check in with others as you go to make sure they understand.

Some of us have physical limitations that make getting around difficult. Offer open structures with the idea of universal access, rather than waiting for special requests. Provide clear information on access.

Make room (literally and metaphorically) for all before anyone has to ask. Seek to understand, then to be understood. Practice empathy. Assume positive intent.

Practice respect

The Summit is a space where you can safely be your true self (why would you be anything else?) and a time to respect others’ true selves as well (even if it bothers you from time to time). Respect their space and freedom and uniqueness, as much as our own.

Take care of yourself, body and mind. We only have three days together and they will be long. Mozilla needs you at your best. Rest, eat, drink water, laugh a lot.

Take care of the space and each other. Pick up trash. Share your power cord.

Be helpful

If you see a problem, try to help. If you can’t help, help find someone who can. Don’t quietly tolerate unacceptable behavior. Stand up for your fellow Mozillians. If someone’s words make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable — a comment, a joke, a slide — and can’t address it with them directly, consider involving an intermediary (like the Conductors, for example:

If you’ve made someone feel unsafe or uncomfortable, be open to adjusting your presentation or public speech and apologize directly when needed.

Have fun

The Summit is our opportunity to pause and celebrate who we are and all that we have accomplished. It’s a chance to meet other amazing humans, to connect, to dance, to build things, to break them too. It’s your moment to dig in and have fun.

Let’s do it.

(Co-created by Dino Anderson, Lukas Blakk, Monique Brunel, Ioana Chiorean, Soumya Deb, Mardi Douglass, Liz Henry, Michael Hoye, Marcia Knous, Curtis Koenig, Matej Novak, John O'Duinn, Regnard Raquedan, and Janet Swisher)



The Summit magic will happen in these venues:


The Mozilla Summit is designed to help us connect with each other, align around our mission and create a shared vision of the future. By the end, we'll have a concrete strategy to make this vision real. Combining a small handful of keynotes with interactive fairs and sessions designed by you, the Summit is a full 72 hours/4,320 minutes/259,200 seconds of magic, created by and dedicated to the Mozilla community.

Agenda at a Glance

Credits: The foundational Summit agenda was created with the participation of over 70 Mozillians who participated at the July Summit Assembly.

It's your Summit - How to Get Involved

It will only succeed if you turn it into the event you need it to be. There are a number of ways you can do this:

  • Facilitate a 'supporting session' on day one. Find out how: Summit2013/Supporting Sessions
  • Propose or facilitate an open session. Find out how: Summit2013/Open Sessions
    • You can propose an open session here.
    • There is FAQ info here.
  • Showcase something amazing during one of the fairs. Find out how: Summit2013/Fairs
  • Hang out with Mozillians during one of our group activities. Hockey? Great America? Chocolate tasting? Photo Walks? Sign up here for one or more.

There will also be many chances to lead and shape the conversation in real time during, including the 'framing the future' session on Day One and the 'creating an action plan' session on Day Three.

What happens next?

Following the Summit, everyone will be encouraged to consolidate their plans, blog about the future and get started working on Mozilla's next steps. More broadly, we'll be using the outcomes of the Summit to consolidate and finalize Mozilla's plans for the next few years. If we all work to make the Summit a success, we will leave there with a clear vision of where Mozilla is headed and what we each need to do next. In many ways, it's the trip home where it all begins.

Getting home

Shuttles for those in Brussels leaving 7-October

Motorcoaches will await you at the lobby of your hotel to take you to Brussels Airport or Midi Train station on Monday, 7 October ONLY.

Traveling to Midi Train Station? Plan to depart your hotel AT LEAST 1.5 hours prior to your train departure time. All shuttles leave every 30 minutes.

  • Marriott Brussels - 8:15am - 1:15pm (last departure).
  • Radisson Blu 8:00am - 1:00pm (last departure)
  • The Hotel - 8:00am - 10:00am (last departure)
  • Royal Windsor Hotel - 8:15am - 12:00noon (last departure)

Traveling to Brussels Airport? Plan to depart your hotel AT LEAST 2.5 hours prior to your flight departure. All shuttles leave every 30 minutes.

  • Marriott Brussels - 6:45am - 6:00pm (last departure)
  • Radisson Blu - 6:30am - 6:00pm (last departure)
  • The Hotel - 6:45am - 6:15pm (last departure)
  • Royal Windsor Hotel - 6:00am - 6:00pm (last departure)

If your departure time is outside of the hours listed, please call Lisa Fraser +32 47 179 0753

Getting To and From the Summit (if you are NOT traveling on the 3rd and/or the 7th)

If you are arriving in your Summit city on 3-October and leaving 7-October, see ^. If however, your dates are different from those, here are the directions you'll need to get to your hotel (and back to the airport/train station):

Travel Tips

  • Think preventively when packing for your trip; consider leaving behind expensive jewelry, watches, and items of sentimental value. A smaller, inexpensive camera may be a better choice than larger, expensive models. You may not need to take an ATM (debit) card if your credit card and a limited amount of cash will suffice.
  • Make a Xerox/photo copy of your passport/ID to carry in your luggage separately from your actual passport. Consider storing a digital scan of your passport (and/or other critical documents) with family, friends, or your employer so that it could be emailed to you in an emergency.
  • If you are flying across many timezones here is a way to reduce or eliminate 'jetlag': As soon as you've checked in at the airport change your watch to the time it is at your destination and look at your watch regularly so that your body becomes acclimatised over a longer period than between touching down on landing and arriving at the gate! Also eat and sleep according to the destination (which might also mean having a late or early meal before you leave home.) When you get onboard the plane tell the cabin crew; they'll be used to people wanting to do this. Yes, really.


  • Weekly updates and musings here: about:community blog for the most up to date info
  • Weekly updates at the Project Meeting
  • IRC #mozsummit (office hours below):
    • Tuesday/Friday 1-3 pm PDT
    • Thursday 9-11 am PDT
    • Monday and Wednesday 9-10 pm PDT
  • Email (travel), (hotel, transportation, visas, and other logistics), (internal)
  • Brownbags


Photos taken at the summit posted on various sites:


Frequently Asked Questions here

If you have any to add, please ping me in IRC #mozsummit.

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