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Sumo-logo.jpg Firefox Features for Support 2011
Owner: Michael Verdi Updated: 2011-09-29
These Firefox features will help users fix their own problems and help the user support team better help users get a great experience with Firefox.

Features in priority order

Provide an intuitive path to clean install (removing installation folder)

This feature is on hold. We are currently working with Robert Strong to investigate situations where this is necessary and fix them rather than provide this workaround.

Clean up user profile

Feature Page
This feature will provide a way for users to automatically fix Firefox by creating a new profile and migrating their data (bookmarks, history, passwords, etc).

Super Reload

Feature Page
What this feature would do:

  • Change the Shift-Reload functionality to include clearing the cache for the current domain (e.g. *, resetting the zoom level and reloading the page - a sort of "super-reload".
  • Change the look of the reload button when shift in held down.
  • Do this "super-reload" automatically when a user clicks reload 3 times in a short time span.

Clear Cache & Cookies in one step

This is an extension of the "Super Reload" feature. Current process for clearing cookies and cache

Make about:support API

Users have a hard time with the copy-paste method of providing about:support information. It'd be a lot easier if, when on SUMO, a user can just click an accept button and the information is provided automatically.

  • Useful for: When users want to get support from SUMO
  • Frequency: Hard to tell, probably would help in at least 20% (and as much as 50%) of one-on-one support cases where right now we're giving very generic instructions

Network Down Page

Feature Page
What this feature would do:

  • When unable to load a page, Firefox can check to see if it can still access the internet and that this isn't just a case of mistyped URL.
  • If Firefox can't connect to the internet it will display a "Network Down" error page with troubleshooting suggestions.

Make Network Down Page smarter

The ability to link cached support articles from this page would be a separate, future enhancement/feature.

If Firefox won't start X times, try harder

  • Useful for: cases in which Firefox won't start and users don't know how to get help
  • Frequency: 10% of SUMO reports, probably a lot higher among Firefox users as these users can't get to SUMO.
  • Suggestion: start in safe mode, provide a dialog to clean profile or clean install instructions if possible.

Extensions installed without explicit user opt-in should be disabled on first run.

Feature Page - Coming in Firefox 8!!

Make crash reports helpful and easier to access

  • Useful for: helping SUMO with troubleshooting
  • Frequency: ~5% of SUMO reports (normally) are crashes that need crash reporter
  • Suggestion: Add crashIds to Help>Troubleshooting or a link to about:crashes from there. Add an UUID/token/something to the crash reporter dialog to let users pass their crash information more easily to SUMO/look things up themselves