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P1 Update English articles for Fx 4

*KB Migration and 2.3 push [2010-11-30] *Support Firefox Day/KB Sprint to finish up localization [2010-12-02]

P1 Contributor Documentation Update

P2 Troubleshooting Articles

  • List of articles to update [2010-10-18]
    • Managing profiles
    • Firefox will not start
    • Safe Mode
    • Troubleshooting extensions and themes
    • Firefox crashes
    • Troubleshooting plugins
    • Firefox hangs
    • Error loading web sites
    • Firefox cannot load websites but other programs can
    • Recovering important data from an old profile
    • Warning Unresponsive script
    • Cannot connect after upgrading Firefox
    • No programs can load websites
  • I'll work on this during the All-hands while I have Cheng and Matthew around.
  • Changes drafted/ready for review [2010-12/23]

P2 Video How-tos for top Articles

  • List of articles to update [2010-10-18]
    • Private Browsing
    • How to set the home page
    • Managing the Flash plugin
    • Pop-up blocker
    • Clear Recent History
    • How to clear the cache
    • Enabling and disabling cookies
    • Updating Firefox
    • How to make Firefox the default browser
    • Deleting cookies
    • Browsing basics
  • First half of videos done [2010-11-19]
  • Second half of video done [2010-12-03]
  • Postponed - possibly until Q1 as we await features being finalized in Fx 4