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Viewing and navigating articles

  • How will URLs be structured?
  • should we have directories? (e.g. "sumo/bookmarks/foo" or "sumo/howtocontribute/foo" )
  • which characters do we allow in URLs?
    • What characters do we see in error messages.
  • which character for space? (e.g. Private+Browsing, Private_Browsing, etc.)
  • should videos be hosted on sumo?
  • where should the actions box be?
  • what should be in the actions box?
  • where should SHOWFOR switches be?
  • should we have related articles box?
  • do we need freetags?
    • how do we add and remove tags?
    • add tracking to freetag urls now so we can check if people use them? [paulc]
  • where do we put contributor names?
  • where do we put last modified date?
  • how do we ask for feedback?
  • history view:
    • like mediawiki?
    • integrate poll data
    • what types of side-by-side views? Does anyone use something other than the default?
    • what info should be listed?
  • Where should the search box be?
  • how to create sidebar items?
  • how are we going to assign themes?
  • Printable versions?
  • should we have an in-product mode?
  • 404 pages

Editing and creating articles

  • if someone creates an article without a request, what should happen?
  • one editor for all categories?
  • Editor PRD
  • Categories
    • Is there a better solution for article areas than what we have now?
    • Should we change the list of categories?
  • Remove the staging area, and make everything require a staging copy? If so, how would we identify a staging copy?
  • how will subpages work?
  • which custom tags do we need?
    • comments in markup? warnings? pref? file names? code? button? menu?
  • do we plan on keeping the current method of add screenshots?
  • should we be able to add css via markup?
  • Thank you page after saving an edit


  • do we just keep the current system?
  • what are the problems with the current system?
    • communicate the contributor before approving/rejecting an edit?
    • if there is more than one edit on a staging copy?


  • should there be an English article first, or can articles be created in any language?
  • where do we set an article language?
  • Article translation PRD

Email notifications

  • what should we offer it for?
    • edits to articles category for a language
  • What should be in them?


  • what questions do we ask?
  • Should we have article comments?
    • Show UA and search term of commenter?
  • graph for displaying changes in poll data?

L10n Dashboard

  • are we not making any changes?



  • what parts of SHOWFOR should be configurable in the admin panel?

Additional ideas

  • "Find and Replace" for edits that affect many articles, rather than running sql queries
  • should we standardize where keyboard shortcuts are displayed?
  • Add "what links here"
  • Image optimizing on upload
  • We'll need something to replace listpages.php, so contributors can look up articles by category/language/last_mod/etc.