Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2009-10-12

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Knowledge Base

  • EU Ballot
    • Finalize list of articles for KB audit by tomorrow?
    • Thoughts on SHOWFOR for Windows 7 based on article list
      • Is it really needed, or can we get away with just creating a "How to install Firefox on Windows 7" article and simplifying the other articles?


  • Proposal: Implement checkng for tags to predict user's question > MOCKUP - Milos
  • Drop in users/contributions last week but seems fixed?

Live Chat


  • Blog post about Live Chat community on Wednesday (zzxc)
  • Effort to get feedback from Firefox beta users in a series of opt-in surveys. What kind of information do we need? comment here
  • We have a new system that allows us to do A/B testing on a lot more stuff. Check out the current list of tests and let us know your ideas