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This document contains all action items for the SUMO ( parts of the EU Ballot project. The goal is to make the transition to Firefox for new users as painless and simple as possible.


  • Finalize list of articles for inclusion in simplification audit and identify articles we're currently missing (DONE)
  • Consider adding ability to customize support article view depending on version of Windows (file bug to implement ability to extend SHOWFOR plugin with os=winxp, os=vista, and os=win7) (Not happening; would add too much l10n work)
  • Consider adding SUMO landing pages specifically targeted towards new Windows users (possibly even one per version of Windows) (DONE)
  • Decide on URL for Windows-specific SUMO start page (e.g. (DONE)
  • Figure out timeline, including l10n (DONE)
  • Work with local l10n communities to make sure that if users need more help, it's clear where they should go. (ONGOING)


  • 2009-10-12: SUMO team discussion to figure out timeline and action items
  • 2009-10-13: Finalize list of articles for inclusion in simplification audit and identify articles we're currently missing
  • 2010-01-05: Decide URL for Windows-specific SUMO start page
  • 2010-01-08: Finish en-US KB audit / Hand-off to l10n

Article simplification audit

The goal of this audit is to make instructions easy to understand for new users of Firefox that might never have used another browser than IE before. Things to consider:

  • Making instructions as clear and simple as possible, keeping in mind that the target audience from the EU ballot may not be technically fluent.
  • Renaming articles with ambiguous titles, e.g. "Installing Firefox on Windows" -> "How to install Firefox on Windows"

List of articles for inclusion in simplification audit

Also considered, but not included:

  • Something about features we'd be advertising on the browser ballot (stuff like Personas, add-ons, private browsing, etc)

Windows-specific start page

Firefox Support will be extended with a Windows-specific start page customized for new users of Firefox. The design of this page isn't final, but it will most likely be based on the normal start page but with the "Popular Support Articles" list replaced with the articles included in the simplification audit.

It will still look and behave like the normal start page, only with support article links customized for Windows users who just installed Firefox.

The URL of this page will be, and it will be linked to from other pages.

The heading will be:
Welcome to Firefox Help!

The text underneath the heading:
Need help with Firefox? Start by searching our site below, or browse our list of popular support articles. If you can't find the answer you need, our community volunteers are ready to help you find a solution.

The suggested search terms will be based on a different content block (WindowsSearchTerms), that will list terms more recognizable to Windows users.

Things to do:

Things to decide:

  • What do we put in place of the "New to Firefox" box?
    • We still don't know, but as long as the new template points to a different content block, we can decide on this later.