Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2011-06-13

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Sumo Development

  • Webdev offsite next week. We will be in Portland. The 06-28 release will be small.
  • 06-21 is mainly bug fixes. Includes new print CSS, unsolving threads, some others.
  • Ready for L10n will go out on Thursday. We'll get it on support-release ASAP.


  • Welcome Ibai Garcia!

Firefox status update

  • Firefox 5 beta 5 went to build last week, should have gone out. -- Likely RC unless new issues.
  • Firefox 5 will not slip! Ship date: June 21st. -- Shipping may not mean pushing an update but just posting to the website. The main blockers is extensions and needs to still be evaluated.
  • Firefox 6 currently on aurora, likely to include sync discoverability changes. Pushing for some stability fixes too.


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