Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-05-17

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  • Weekly metrics
    • There was a bug in the way forum posts were counted. That is now fixed.
    • Number of new forum threads went down a lot. Cww to investigate.


  • No update. James is travelling today.

Knowledge Base

  • Helpfulness tests launched:
    • Start Page
    • Article
      • We have limited bandwidth for all tests, so we decided to combine all variations into two tests, so they get as many visits as possible. We can see if they have an affect and by how much, then refine it from there.
  • Kitsune PRD
    • Continued to develop Personas, Context scenarios and Requirements - Update
      • Some edits to the brainstorming doc already.
      • Topal will travel to the Mozilla Balkans meetup this weekend, to get feedback on PRD.


  • no update

Live Chat

  • Personal support survey results
    • Majority of helpers felt that live chat was more affective. They liked getting a thank you in live chat, and didn't like forum threads where the user never replied.
    • Helpers tend to answer the same number of questions regardless of how much time is spent.
    • High traffic hours scare some helpers, because they are afraid they will be overworked.
    • We should try to introduce what made live chat better to the rest of sumo (gratification, help from other users, forced collaboration between contributors)
    • Troubleshooting articles that are inherently complex should promote live chat.


  • Overview of KB PRD work
    • Problem and vision statement, to make sure everyone is on the same page as to why this is being done, and what we want to achieve.
    • We established personas of people who would use sumo (users, contributors, localizers, admins, etc.), and we established which were primary users, and secondary users.
    • We created multiple context scenarios for each personas, to dream up how the system would work to help them accomplish all goals.
    • We extracted the requirements from the context scenarios.
    • From that we created a concept map.
    • After getting feedback today from the rest of SUMO team, next step is to present this to Chris Howse to prepare expectations (how much time is required, how many mockups are needed). We will also start getting community feedback in the weekly IRC meetings. It is important to note that these pages are not final.