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Personas are archetypes of specific users with specific need. They are not stereotypes, but based on real world observations.

Why Personas?

  • To provide us with a plan for what the KB should do and how it should do it. The goals and tasks of the personas are the foundation for the design of the KB
  • Personas give us a common language and undertanding. Since personas are like real people, even nuances of behaviour is easy to communicate without the need for elaborate explanations. That makes it easier to communicate with stakeholders, developers and designers. All decisions are made with the same users in mind.
  • Personas make designs measurable. We can test, if a design is actually suitable for a Persona, much like with a real person.

And because: More recent empirical research conducted by Long (2009)[10] produced objective evidence to support the key claims made by Cooper, Pruitt et al. for using personas. In a controlled experiment, a group of students were asked to solve a design brief; some used personas while the control group did not. The findings showed that students using personas produced designs with better usability attributes than the students that did not use personas - thereby answering one of Chapman and Milham’s key concerns. The study also suggests that using personas can improve communication between design teams and facilitate more constructive and user-focused design discussion. see wikipedia


Our goals are:

  1. help users to solve their problems with Firefox
  2. educate users about Firefox features
  3. Engage our community to contribute to the English or localized KB

For users we have to consider 3 types of goals

Experience goals: How people want to feel when they use SUMO. (feel in control, enjoy using it)

End goals: What a user what to do. These are people's motivation to use SUMO. SUMO can be the tool to reach those goals. (fix a problem, find out how to twek a behaviour)

Life goals:What a user wants to be; what people want to achieve in life beyond SUMO. (be respected by peers)

All people have their own 3 sets of goals, the personas should make them explicit, so we can turn SUMO into a tool to achive those goals.


Firefox Users

  • Ellen: /French - Context Scenarios
    • Background: Ellen is 21 and lives in Paris, where she goes to the university. She downloaded Firefox when her friend Julie told her about how she blocks ads with Firefox and Adblock plus. She uses her computer mainly for her studies and to stay in contact with her Friends.
    • Type: Primary
    • Experience goals:
      • She wants the site to be trustable (opposed to things like Yahoo Answers)
    • End goals:
      • Getting Firefox working again
      • Getting information to use a feature of Firefox
      • Getting information and leaving
    • Life goals: n/a
    • Computer skills 1-5: 1
    • Frequency: one-off
  • William: /English - Context Scenarios
    • William is 45 and works as a banker in San Francisco. He read in a magazine that Firefox is more secure then Internet Explorer and can be extended with add-ons. He can't use Firefox at work, because IT doesn't allow it. At home he uses his computer to shop online from Amazon or eBay, to book flights or read some news. Every now and then he also likes to read about his hobby, fishing, on
    • Type: Secondary
    • Experience goals: n/a
    • End goals:
      • Get started with Firefox
      • Learn more about Firefox features
    • Life goals: n/a
    • Computer skills 1-5: 1
    • Frequency: occasional
  • Jonas: expert /English - Context Scenarios
    • Type: secondary
    • Experience goals: want's to feel that SUMO provides all of the possible information for confuguring Firefox
    • End goals:
      • wants to tweak and change Firefox
      • wants to suggest a change for Firefox
      • wants information about administration/deploying Firefox
      • wants to know stuff about Thunderbird
    • Life goals: n/a
    • Computer skills 1-5: 5
    • Frequency: occasional
  • Cheryl: webdeveloper /English
    • Type: negative
    • Experience goals: n/a
    • End goals:
      • wants to know why the Firefox version of her site looks different from the IE version
      • Wants to know what standard related stuff Firefox has implemented
    • Life goals: n/a
    • Computer skills 1-5: 5
    • Frequency: often

KB Contributors

  • Bela: KB contributor - Context Scenarios
    • Type: Primary
    • Experience goals: Feel part of the Mozilla community
    • End goals:
      • Has lot's of time and wants to do something worthwile
      • Writing technical documents without difficulty
      • Wants to have an up to date KB to refer people to.
    • Life goals: Being a helpful person
    • Computer skills 1-5: 5
    • Frequency: almost daily
  • Ben: One-off KB contributor - Context Scenarios
    • Type: secondary
    • Experience goals:
      • Wants to feel heard
      • Wants the process to be very low effort
      • Wants to feel that other will take care his contributions
    • End goals:
      • Correct information he thinks is wrong
      • Add information he thinks is missing
    • Life goals: n/a
    • Computer skills 1-5: 3
    • Frequency: occasionaly
  • David: KB admin - Context Scenarios
    • Type: customer
    • Experience goals: Wants it to be efficient
    • End goals:
      • Wants to do his job
      • Wants to keep the site running (creating articles, managing users)
      • Wants to know whats happening on the site
      • Wants site to be good enough to keep people from personal help
    • Life goals:
      • Be good at job
      • Be a helpful person
      • Make Mozilla great
    • Computer skills 1-5: 5
    • Frequency: everyday
  • Pascal: Localizer - Context Scenarios
    • Type: Primary
    • Experience goals:
    • End goals:
      • Do something useful for an open source project
      • Take load off of the forums
      • Use SUMO to enhance locale website
    • Life goals: n/a
    • Computer skills 1-5: 4
    • Frequency: Every other week