Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-08-30

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  • Ending support for Fx 3.0
    • We'll leave Fx. 3.0 parts in the articles, but attach a warning to the page when people surf the page with that version. And we'll make it impossible to mark an article as being for Firefox 3.0 (Michael will file bugs for this)
  • Website task force
    • The Website task force wants to gather every Mozilla site under the domain. That includes SUMO as well.


Sumo Development

  • Pushed 2.2.3 on Tuesday—quick release of two fixed bugs.
  • Hopefully pushing 2.2.4 tomorrow.
  • Work continues on 2.3.

Knowledge Base

  • Creating a new translation doesn't remove the out of date warning
    • Michael to check the dates of the articles in the db
    • Kadir to help Michael to create a new English version and copy over the translations.
  • Fx Home changes happening this week
  • Twitter signpost articles this week - will need feedback and review


  • Fx mobile users are now being sent to support questions

Live Chat

  • The forum needs to be updated to accomodate for Live Chat followups. Matthew to talk to James about it

Goals checkup