Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2011-06-06

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Sumo Development

  • Working on a Karma implementation--will need some help from IT.
  • We've gotten almost no feedback on Private Messaging: does that mean it's good to roll out to a wider audience?
    • The UI team will have a look at it, next week
    • Michael, Kadir: will write down their own feedback on the current implementation.
  • 2011-06-07 goes out tomorrow, it's small because of the work week.
  • We made some good discoveries during the work week w/r/t chat.
    • Made a preliminary choice on a specific solution.


Please add your questions, comments and concerns before Monday, 9AM PST, 2011-06-06.

  • Michael discussed the Automatically fix users profiles feature with Robert Strong and determined that the installer itself would be bad at doing the work but it can trigger something else that does the job. Now looking for a developer that works on profiles.
  • The plug-in crash UI may be responsible for the extremely high views on the Plug-in crash reports article. Michael has been talking to UX and Engineering about tweaking the plug-in crash UI. We've reached a consensus on a solution, now trying to get it implemented.


Knowledge Base

Everyone: Review an article and leave a comment in the forum thread.


Live Chat

  • Total participation was down significantly last week.