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Meeting Details (scroll down for the agenda)

Mondays (meeting duration approx. 30 minutes) at:
9:00 PDT
11:00 CDT
12:00 EDT
16:00 UTC
18:00 CET22:30 IST

Call Details:

  • California: 1-650-903-0800 pin 369 - then 98437 then #

Participate in the video:
Video link => (You'll have to download and install the Vidyo Desktop client)

Watch the meeting live =>

Read the most important updates from this meeting at: (updated every Friday)

Chat: #sumo
Web-based IRC:

23 November 2015 meeting video:

Participants (add your name and profile):

  • Mark Schmidt - Firefox Desktop Support Lead (SUMO/IRC: marksc)
  • Ashickur Rahman | ashickurnoor
  • Stefan AKA Costenslayer - I do , AOA, Community Ops, Youth Mozilla and Stuff
  • philipp
  • chandan |
  • Safwan Rahman
  • Andrew (feer56)

================== AGENDA ==================

Action items from last week

Please add your comments, questions and updates here. Use this template for discussion item

  • Topic: Canned replies on AoA
  • Name : Dhanesh Sabane (dhanesh_s)
  • Description: We have canned replies for desktop version of Firefox and Firefox OS which redirects the users to corresponding support articles. Similarly, is it possible to add more canned replies which redirects the user to the support articles for 'Firefox on Android'? Also, we may extend it to 'Firefox on iOS'. I would like to help if there is any task that needs to be done with respect to this request.
  • Action needed: Add more canned replies to AoA
  • Andrew responded to this


Contributor(s) of the week

  • Scribe & Phoxuponyou (aka daskarhu on irc) for their constant contributions on the support forum

SUMO Development Update

Firefox Desktop

  • GTK+3 is required for Firefox Deskop on Linux as of Beta 43 (Full release on December 15th)

Firefox OS

  • Joni AFK - no updates at the moment

Firefox Android

UNOFFICIAL LIST of Firefox for Android 43 articles:

  • split pane styling for history panel on tablets
  • new dynamic toolbar
  • marketplace: remove about:apps - no article edit required
  • import bookmarks a/b testing
  • can’t import folders in marshmallow - create folder in chrome, uninstall & re-install firefox for android beta
  • tab audio indicator
  • add url when sharing text
  • add-on signing with pref
  • reading list support read/unread

Firefox for iOS

  • Firefox for iOS 1.2 is out please test!
  • Firefox for iOS 2.0 sometime in the new year (no idea when): will hopefully add sync FROM iOS TO desktop or Android

Knowledge Base

  • Joni AFK - no updates at the moment


  • Milestone announcements coming to some dashboards

Support Forum


  • Meeting with Ivory Coast Mozillians this Wednesday
  • Following up on failed visa applications for Mozlando contributors
  • Working on Community Satisfaction survey

Decisions & Action Items

Help needed!

Admin availability this week

  • Thanksgiving in the US: (Joni, Rachel out all week. Tyler, Mark out Thur/Fri)