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SUMO Meeting RoundTable Template

Please create a new wiki page, then copy and paste this template and fill it out with as much detail as possible. Then, link to it from the roundtable section of the SUMO Meeting that you wish this item to be discussed in.

This template must be filled out and added to the wiki by the Friday before the meeting.

( and ) denotes placeholders that are to be deleted and filled in with the correct information.

(Topic you are Introducing)

Use a One line Summary of the Topic/Issue/Idea you wish to discuss.

(Your username/Real Name)

So we can identify you if we need more clarification or discussion later.

Description of Topic

Please put a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) about the topic you wish to present. Please make sure you fill this out enough that someone who doesn't watch the meeting can still understand what this is about.


What do you need from the SUMO team? Do you want Feedback, suggestions, help, etc.? Put it here so the SUMO Team can come prepared to help you.

Supporting Links or other Info

If you have other links, comments, etc., please put them here.

Copy paste template

Your username/Real Name:
Action needed:
Supporting Links or other Info: