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Here's a quote from Alex Faaborg high-fiving himself about the native integration in Firefox 3.0;

"Firefox 3 is way ahead of Firefox 2 when it comes to visual integration with the desktop environment on Linux. From using native gtk widgets in the content area to uplifting the OS theme icons, we have made an incredible amount of progress with this release."

Clearly Firefox has been moving much closer to a native appearance in Gnome in recent versions, so whats with the "curvier" tabs and non-native looking buttons recycled from the XP theme?

Progress bar on top of tabs

Placing progress bar on the top of each tab doesn't integrate well with the system since most gtk themes already have a colored bar there (for example Clearlooks). Instead it could be shown inside the address bar, like midori and epiphany. Also the back and forward buttons don't use the native gtk style, even if they try to emulate it.

Please keep using native gtk themes and provide better integration, or at least let the user choose between the new and the old (firefox 3) theme.

--Lerks 12:05, 29 December 2009 (UTC)