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Update to Visual Styling

Well, first to say, I was really *happy* when Firefox began to look exactly as all applications I use. I knew, that it's not easy to imitate gtk-app look-n-feel, and this made me even more happier when I saw how strictly Firefox follows every custom gtk-theme.

And what you suggest now:

  • Consistent Back/Forward Buttons:

To say the truth, I don't care what does Firefox look like at other operating systems. But why does it have to look alien to the OS I use? Yeah, I understand that Linux is not #1 priority platform for Firefox, but UI should serve the goal of integration into desktop enviroment, shouldn't it? There is no one other app that uses such buttons at Linux. AFAIK, there is even no such control in GTK

  • Curvier Tab Shape:

Well, and what if my theme says to use tabs with square corners? This will be the only widget with curved angles. IMHO, not good.

Just look at screenshot, What will these tabs look like after curving?Not curved tabs in linux.png

  • Progressbar in the tab:

Maybe this will look pretty, but only with a counted number of themes and configurations. And with narrow tabs it will look terrible, IMO. Currently used pie-chart throbbers are perfect sollution, I guess

--SIO 19:36, 26 October 2009 (UTC)

I agree with everything said above, except for the progressbar: I think a progressbar inside the address bar would be great, like it's actually done by epiphany or midori, using native gtk widgets.

--Lerks 12:05, 29 December 2009 (UTC)